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Chapter 1769: This Isn’t How You Drink Cross-Cupped Wine

When she saw his intentions in his eyes, Feng Jiu smiled secretly. Her heart felt warm with an indescribable satisfaction and tenderness.

A man who would wait for her all this time, guarding her, yet not crossing that final threshold. He had endured and held back, and even splashed himself with cold water when his emotions were stirred. What reason could she have for rejecting such a person? How could she bear to keep him waiting?

“Here, try this.” She squinted and smiled lightly as she picked a piece of meat for him: “Eat more.”

Upon seeing this, he glanced at her and picked up the piece of meat in response.

Feng Jiu put her chopsticks down and called out: “Leng Shuang.”

When she heard her name being called, Leng Shuang who had been standing outside walked inside and answered: “Master, what’s the matter?”

“Leng Shuang, prepare some water for me, I want to take a bath later.”

Her face was flushed from drinking wine and her beautiful eyes were blurred which made it very attractive.

“Yes.” Leng Shuang replied respectfully and then retreated.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze was silent and appeared to be a little distracted. After a while, he put down his chopsticks: “I’m full.” After which, he looked fixedly at her.

“Then shall we drink a few more glasses of wine?” A smile appeared on her beautiful face. She poured two glasses of wine and passed one to him. She lifted her glass with one hand and her eyes narrowed with a smile: “Should we drink a cross-cupped wine?”

Upon hearing the words, Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s eyes moved slightly and he stared at her with a deep gaze. The corners of his lips curled up and a smile appeared on his face: “Well, we can’t not drink cross-cupped wine.”

After he spoke, he took the glass of wine from her and hooked his arm around hers, narrowing the distance between them. The strong scent of wine filled his nostrils. Just as he was about to drink the glass of wine while his arm was crossed over with Feng Jiu’s, he was stopped by Feng Jiu.

“Wait a minute.” Feng Jiu smiled and squinted her eyes as she looked at him: “This is not how you drink cross-cupped wine.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze was slightly startled and a little puzzled. Didn’t drink it like this? Then how was it drunk? For a moment, his eyes fell onto her tightly and asked silently.

“Like this.” She put the wine from the glass into her mouth and then leaned forward and kissed his sexy lips.

Her soft touch pressed onto him and Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s eyes darkened. He instinctively responded to her kiss and sucked her lips and played with her lips and tongue. He tasted the wine but he couldn’t tell if her lips were particularly sweet or if it was the wine from her mouth that was mellow and intoxicating. He only knew that the beast in his body had been awakened by her kiss and it was out of control…

Feng Jiu felt a plop in her heart as it jumped. Her body seemed to be on fire and the hand that hugged her around her waist was pressed against her vigorously so that her whole body clung to him in his arms. His unique male breath came through the fragrance of the wine and caused her to twist her body, wanting to retreat.

However, he deepened his kiss and refused to allow her to shrink back. His fanatical and passionate kiss made her confused and infatuated at the same time. Her mind was blank as she lay weakly in his arms and panting lightly, allowing him to do whatever he wanted…

Xuanyuan Mo Ze retreated slightly, his deep black pupils were hot with passion as he looked at her in his arms. Her beautiful face was so delicate with a rare trace of coquettish. Within her beautiful eyes was a hint of anger which was very attractive…

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