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Chapter 1768: Consummate The Marriage Tonight

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu smiled lightly: “There’s no hurry.” She glanced at him and smiled fakely: “The longevity of cultivators is so long, even if we wait a few more decades before we get married it still won’t be too late.”

“Hahahaha!” Guan Xilin laughed loudly when he heard this: “If you really waited a few more decades before you get married, I think he will be very sad.”

The smile on Feng Jiu’s face deepened. Yes, if she really did wait a few more decades before they got married, he would be very sad.

“When you get married you must notify me.”

“Sure.” She nodded and smiled.

The two of them chatted for a while before they left. Feng Jiu got up and went to her Grandfather’s. She didn’t head back to the palace until it was evening and the sky was darkening…

When Feng Jiu walked into the bedroom, she saw that Xuanyuan Mo Ze was already seated inside and there were a few dishes on the table.

“You’re back? Just in time, come over for dinner!” Xuanyuan Mo Ze lifted the jug and poured a glass of wine. He had passed it to her who came over to sit down next to him: “You can drink as much wine as you want tonight.”

Upon hearing that, Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and looked at him with a smile: “Are you trying to get me drunk?”


Xuanyuan Mo Ze coughed lightly and turned his gaze away: “Of course not! I just wanted you to have a good time drinking. Besides, I thought about it today, and I think your suggestion today seems quite good.”

“So?” She squinted at him and took a sip of wine.

“So, if you want to advance our relationship after you get drunk, I have decided that I won’t resist.” He said with a cold expression on his face. Though his face was expressionless, upon closer inspection, the corners of his lips were slightly curled and there was a trace of smile and expectation in his black eyes.

“Then what if I’m not drunk?” Feng Jiu asked and suppressed a smile.

At this point, Xuanyuan Mo Ze raised the wine glass in front of him and drank the wine in one sip, he spoke in a low and magnetic voice: “If you’re not drunk, I can be drunk.”


In the end, she couldn’t help but laughed. She looked at him smiling away. Her beautiful face was even more enchanting in Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s eyes.

“So that means it’s the consummating night either way tonight? No, it’s hardly a consummating night! It’s obvious that you are trying to dominate me!” After which, she covered her mouth and chuckled again. This time, her laughter was soft.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze poured another glass of wine for her and said seriously: “I actually look forward to you dominating me. Don’t worry, I will never resist.”

“Alright! Come on, let’s drink!” She chuckled lightly as she looked at him with eyes shining brightly. She felt a little excited in her heart, was she going to throw herself at him tonight? She wondered what he would do if she didn’t admit it afterwards.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze took a deep look at her. When he saw that she had drank another glass of wine, he picked up some food for her: “Eat some food.” Afterwards, he added: “You will only have strength if you have eaten your fill.”

Feng Jiu listened blankly, then she smiled and nodded in agreement: “That’s right, I am the one who exerts strength so I have to eat more.” Speaking of which, she then picked up a chicken leg and devoured it.

When he heard this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s eyes darkened and a look of anticipation entered his dark pupils. Yes, he anticipated her using her strength. However, he should dominate during their first time,shouldn’t he?”

As he thought of this, his handsome lips curled upwards. He picked up some food to eat and even ate a bowl of rice…

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