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Chapter 1763: My Man Will Be Jealous

It was a blessing not a curse, it was a curse that couldn’t be avoided, just go with the flow!

The next day, when Feng Jiu woke up, she found that Xuanyuan Mo Ze was no longer by her side. She then recalled that he had mentioned the night before that he would go and protect his father during his seclusion today.

She rubbed her eyebrows and called out: “Leng Shuang!”

Leng Shuang, who had been standing outside walked in when she heard her name: “Master.”

“Prepare a bath for me.” She got out of bed and stretched her limbs. She thought she would take a bath to wake herself up, and wash off the stench of wine at the same time. When she got back last night, she had fallen asleep immediately. A quick whiff told her that she stunk of wine.

“Yes.” Leng Shuang replied and turned to leave.

One hour later, Feng Jiu walked out of the palace. When she passed the rockery, she saw Murong Yixuan sitting in the pavilion. She walked forwards and sat down at the table casually: “Is your stay here comfortable?”

Murong Yixuan looked at her sitting across the table, confidence and evil charm exuded between her eyebrows. His heart moved slightly and he glanced away. He said: “I have always been a light sleeper. Whether I am comfortable or not, I never sleep well.”

When she saw that Feng Jiu had sat down, Leng Shuang instructed the maid who was passing by to bring tea and cakes.

“Looks like your life has been quite good these past few years.” Feng Jiu said and lifted the teapot and poured two cups of tea.

When Murong Yixuan heard this, he looked at her and asked: “What about you? Have you been well these past few years?”

“It’s always the same, there’s always trouble no matter where I go.” Feng Jiu laughed mockingly at herself: “As long as I am around, I will somehow always manage to cause trouble.”

“Trouble is also a kind of experience. It just depends on how you look at it.” Murong Yixuan said slowly. He looked at her and his eyes flickered: “There’s one thing you might not know about yet.”

“Oh? What is it?” Feng Jiu asked as she took a sip of her tea.

“Old Man Tianji’s prophecy about the arrival of the phoenix star has already spread far and wide. Even the upper reaches of the mainland are already taking action in secret. Some want to get rid of you and some want to protect you. There are also some who only look on.” He looked at her and said. He saw that she had lowered her eyes and the corners of her lips curled up and revealed a smile.

“It seems, you are not worried at all.”

When Feng Jiu heard this, she raised her eyes and looked at him smiling: “You know that the phoenix star refers to me?”

“When I look at the world, I think that it can only be you.” He said slowly and looked deeply at her: “Besides, didn’t you also tell me this years ago? Thinking back to it, it’s not difficult to guess that it’s you.”

Upon his mention, Feng Jiu remembered what she had said to him back then. She couldn’t help but smile: “There are so many people in the world, maybe the phoenix star is someone else. At the very least, I don’t really believe this prophecy anyway.” Although she always wanted to become stronger, she never had the ambition to dominate the world.

Murong Yixuan’s deep eyes fell on her beautiful and enchanting face. In the next instant, he couldn’t help but say: “There are many people in this world, but none can compare to you.”

He was slightly startled after he had spoken and shook his head. He looked at her with a smile and said: “I mean it. In my heart, no one can compare to you.”

Feng Jiu glanced at him and said: “Thank you for your compliment. However, I hope that you won’t say such things to me in the future again, my man will be jealous.”

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