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Chapter 1750: What’s the reason?

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Hearing his voice, Feng Jiu looked up. “Here you are! Sit down, we are talking about the spirit wine!”

While talking, Feng Jiu poured him a small cup. “Have a taste. This wine has a strong effect. After only a sip, my whole body feels warm.”

“Oh? I’d like to have some.” Mo Chen sat down next to Feng Jiu, took a sip of the wine, and then nodded. “It’s pretty good. This must be an aged vintage wine.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at him and saw the dark bruises on his eyes. With a cheerful mood, Xuanyuan Mo Ze said, “Why didn’t you smear some medicine on your eyes? The bruises look a lot darker.”

Mo Chen looked at him and replied with a smile. “I did. Feng Jiu gave me a herbal balm that’s icy cold. I’m going to put on another layer when I rest at night.” With this, he looked at Feng Jiu. “Ghost Doctor’s herbal balms are very precious. I have to use it sparingly and keep the rest as a souvenir.”

When she saw the two people bickering back and forth, Feng Jiu smiled embarrassedly and told them, “Come on, eat quickly. Don’t let the food get cold.” With that, she served Xuanyuan Mo Ze some food with her chopsticks.

Seeing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s face softened and stopped bickering with Mo Chen. Instead, he passed some dishes out on Feng Jiu’s plate. Knowing that she liked to eat salt and pepper king prawns, he peeled several of them for her. Seeing that Feng Jiu had drunk a lot of wine, Leng Shuang poured the wine and advised her, “Please drink less wine. Eat something to pad your stomach first.”

Mo Chen watched with surprise in his usually calm eyes. Yes, he didn’t expect that Xuanyuan Mo Ze, a strong exponent who had always been in the top position, a man who is full of powerful prestige and domineering, would be so gentle and considerate when facing his beloved woman.

If he didn’t witness it with his own eyes, he really wouldn’t believe that Xuanyuan Mo Ze would even do such things as peeling shrimps.

Seeing the tacit communication between the two, Mo Chen was envious of their connection. The couple didn’t talk much. Feng Jiu was responsible for eating, while Xuanyuan Mo Ze was responsible for peeling shrimps. The atmosphere was overflowed with warm and natural happiness. Even he, a bystander, could feel the tenderness between them.

At this moment, he closed his eyes and ate the dishes slowly. Inwardly, he was thinking that life was too long for an immortal. How lucky was Xuanyuan Mo Ze to spend his life together with the woman who loved him in return?

“Mo Chen, I haven’t asked why you’re here. Has something happened?” Feng Jiu looked at Mo Chen who was in the midst of his meal. He abstained from eating grains and just tasted the food at this table.

However, she was different from him. Even though she also considered practising a fast from grains, she still preferred grains and meat. As for the present table, the meal included spirit rice, spirit vegetables, and spirit meats.

Mo Chen took a glance at them. “Mm, something’s the matter.” Only after putting down his chopsticks and taking a sip of wine did he give them an answer. “I’m going to follow you this time. After finishing your business here, you’re supposed to go to the upper continent, right? I can accompany you.”

“There’s no need. I’ll go with her then.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze refused. With just a glance, it was clear to him that the man had come to add troubles.

Feng Jiu was also surprised. With a profound look at him, she asked, “What’s the reason?”

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