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Chapter 1746: Shooting himself in the foot

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“Don’t worry, it’s just a small injury. Don’t blame Mo Chen. He didn’t expect you to come all of a sudden. Cough cough!” Xuanyuan Mo Ze coughed a few times as he spoke.

A smile flashed in Feng Jiu’s eyes. Without revealing her emotion, she nodded in all seriousness. “Mm hmm. You can rest assured that I won’t blame him. I’m sure he didn’t mean it.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze, covering his cough with a fist, was stunned to hear this. Instinctively, he looked up and saw her eyes bursting with a teasing smile. He was embarrassed and coughed. “Are you tired during the journey? Why don’t you take some rest?”

He moved over to make some room for her on the bed.

“No, I’m worried about your injury. I have to boil some medicine to drink anyway.” Feng Jiu told him while holding back her smile.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze pulled his lips back, feeling like he was shooting himself in the foot. While he wasn’t paying attention, she held his hand and was already taking his pulse. Seeing this, he could only let her have her way.

Not long after, Feng Jiu withdrew her hand. “Your body has no problem. Your liver is inflamed due to insufficient rest. You should rest more.” With that, she pulled the quilt up to cover him. “Have a good rest here. I’ll go out and have a chat with Mo Chen.”

“What is there to talk about with him? Do you know him well?” He asked in a slightly sour tone.

Feng Jiu held her chin and thought for a while. “Mm, I must go and ask him why he hurt you! You can’t get hurt in vain like this, can you?”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze reached out to pull her over to the bed. As soon as the quilt was lifted, he covered her with the quilt and put her in his embrace.

“He’s not a good guy. Stay away from him in the future.”

Feng Jiu laughed. “You should be the one staying away from him lest you’ll get injured again.”

“I let him. Otherwise, how could a person like him be my opponent?” He snorted, but his lips curved up. He held the person in his arms with a satisfied smile.

Perhaps he didn’t have a good rest these days. He talked with Feng Jiu in his embrace but soon fell asleep.

Sensing his steady breathing, Feng Jiu smiled. She nested in his bosom and closed her eyes. After such a long time without seeing each other, she missed him very much. She just didn’t expect an accident to occur this time which really made her both amused and annoyed.

Outside, Mo Chen was blocked by Shadow One as soon as he entered the palace. As soon as Shadow One saw him, he told Mo Chen calmly, “Young Master Mo Chen, my master and Ghost Doctor are resting. Please come back later!”

There was a touch of surprise in Mo Chen’s eyes when he heard this. He glanced inside and then smiled. “It’s alright.” He didn’t stay long and turned around to leave.

Before long, Gray Wolf walked in. When he was about to enter the palace, he saw Shadow One come out. With a hand raised, he called out with a grin. “Shadow One, I’m back.”

Shadow One shot him a glance. “I saw.”

“How’s Master? How did he get injured by Young Master Mo Chen? Is everything fine?” As he spoke, he poked out his head towards the palace to see if Ghost Doctor was there.

“Don’t look. Master is resting, accompanied by Ghost Doctor!” Shadow One motioned him to go outside and asked, “How was your trip to the Glorious East Empire? Has everything been handled there?”

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