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Chapter 1742: Face To Face With Each Other

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Xuan Yuan Empire

Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked at the person standing in front of him wearing a white robe, with an elegant and gentle smile on his face, who looked like an immortal, and his brows wrinkled tightly.

“What are you doing here?” He had made no attempt to hide his dislike for him in his tone of voice.

He had never liked him since the first time he had met him, this man who would always inadvertently appear in front of the woman he loved and hung around. In his opinion, every memory of him was of him struck to his woman’s side, what an eyesore.

Mo Chen’s beautiful face smiled elegantly and gently, like an immortal. He looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze who was sitting at his desk wearing a black robe. Having not seen him in half a year, it seemed that the royal aura on him had become even fiercer. His whole body exuded a domineering arrogance which made him sigh: An Emperor Star would always be a Emperor Star.

“Don’t worry, I’m not looking for you. I’ve come here to wait for Feng Jiu.” He walked slowly over to the chair beside him and sat down. When he picked up the teacup on the table and saw that there was no water for tea, he said to Shadow One who was hidden in the shadows: “Shadow One, get someone to make me some tea! I haven’t even drank any water on my way here.”


Shadow One who had been standing in the shadows, glanced at Mo Chen who had made himself at home, then he glanced at his sullen-faced Master. When he saw that his Master hadn’t said a word, he walked out and ordered a servant to make two cups of tea. He brought the tea in personally and placed a teacup on the table in front of his Master, and the other teacup next to the chair Mo Chen was sitting on.

“Then you should know that she is not here.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze took a sip of his tea, his face still sullen.

A man, and one that looked like a little white face, just barged into the room to tell him that he was here to wait for his woman, that feeling was unimaginable.

He knew that his woman was very popular, and if he wasn’t careful, someone else would take a fancy to her. It just so happened that so many things had happened during these six months and they hadn’t seen each other for more than half a year. Moreover, the two of them tended to spend more time apart than together, it was no wonder that he felt a sense of crisis.

Mo Chen nodded: “Well, I know she is not here, but I’m sure she will be back soon, so I will wait for her here.” He wore an elegant and gentle smile on his face as he glanced at Xuanyuan Mo Ze and drank his tea.

Then, he said unhurriedly: “Furthermore, I intend to stay by her side this time. After she has dealt with the matters here, I think she will want to go to the upper reaches of the mainland. It just so happens that I am familiar with the place there, so you don’t have to worry about her with me by her side.”

Shadow One who was standing at the side wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. The temperature in the palace seemed to have gotten colder and there was a murderous aura in the air. He felt extremely anxious standing there.

Did this Young Master Mo come here to stir up trouble on purpose? Was he not worried that Master would end his life if he got angry?

However, speaking of this, out of the two of them, whose strength was more powerful?

As he thought of this, he couldn’t help but swept his eyes back and forth between the two of them, guessing secretly. Young Master Mo had originally come from one of the families of the upper reaches of the mainland. It was rumoured that his family had an extraordinary position over there, and he is also Old Man Tianji. His background was not inferior to his Master at all.

Furthermore, he also had a good body, that immortal-like face, an ethereal temperament and profound and mysterious strength. If he really had any intention of snatching the Ghost Doctor away from his Master, he was indeed a strong contender.

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