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Chapter 1737: Enter From The Palace Gate

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“Hey! Why would the upper forces put these few Empires in their eyes? What’s more, even if they seek help, I’m afraid it is too late.”

“It looks like the Glorious East is doomed this time.” Several people sighed. They glanced at each other and stopped talking.

In the palace.

The Glorious East Country Ruler stood in the main hall with a solemn expression with his hands behind his back as he listened to the black-clothed dark guard’s report. His face was so dark that charcoal could drip out of it. Those old things were actually making excuses and no one was willing to come to help. It seems that they were afraid of all the things Feng Jiu had done during this period.

Forget it, since they have refused to help, he could only rely on himself!

“Give the orders! Mobilise the Imperial Guards to guard the Imperial City! Be ready to fight!”

Since no one would help save them, the only choice he had was to mobilise the combat power of the entire palace and prepare to fight! He refused to believe that the strength of his Glorious East Empire couldn’t deal with a mere Feng Jiu!

“Yes!” The black-clothed dark guard responded and left quickly.

“Don’t worry Country Ruler. Since those families refuse to help, after we deal with Feng Jiu and destroy the Xuan Yuan Empire, and expand the power of our Glorious East Empire, the power of these families will be weakened.” An old man walked out from behind. He was the other Celestial Strong Exponent under the Glorious East Country Ruler.

“That’s right! Those old things will suffer in the future for standing on the sidelines today!” The Glorious East Country Ruler said in a solemn voice.

However, at this moment, a loud bang was heard suddenly, as if something had exploded. The entire Imperial City shook and the Glorious East Country Ruler was shocked.

“What happened?” He shouted loudly and saw a guard rushing in from outside.

“Reporting to Country Ruler, the North Gate near the back mountain has been exploded and the rubble has rolled down. A large hole has appeared in the ground and Guan Xilin has rushed in with his men and a few contract beasts. It is chaos!”

“Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu! Guan Xilin! Feng Guards!” He gritted his teeth fiercely and angrily. He said immediately: “Come with Your Ruler! I will kill them right there!”


The Glorious East Country Ruler walked ahead, followed by the gray-clothed old man and several guards and dark guards, at least a hundred of them swept across towards the North Gate.

Guan Xilin and Du Fan weren’t amongst the people who had entered the North Gate, the eight Feng Guard Captains had led their men and Fire Phoenix and the other contract beasts through the gate. They rushed in and fought with the guards in the palace.

In an instant, the sound of swords colliding and beasts howling reverberated through the air.

However, just as the Glorious East Country Ruler had rushed to the North Gate with his men, there were fires everywhere in his Palace. Guan Xilin and Du Fan had cleaned out the Glorious East Imperial Palace’s medicinal materials from their drug storeroom and the contents of the treasure chest, then lit them on fire. The fire raged in all directions and the smoke went straight up into the sky…

When the Glorious East Country Ruler looked at the soaring fire and dense smoke, he trembled with anger: “Damn Feng Jiu! How dare you destroy my Glorious East Palace, I will tear your limbs from your body!”

At this moment, Feng Jiu in her dazzling red clothes had brought Gray Wolf, Leng Hua, Leng Shuang and the others in through the palace gate. As she looked at the soaring flames, Feng Jiu curled her lips and said to everyone behind her: “Get to work!”

“Yes!” Everyone responded and Gray Wolf led them away into the palace.

Only Leng Hua and Leng Shuang stayed by Feng Jiu’s side. They followed her as she gathered her breath and walked along the night breeze…

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