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Chapter 1736: Seeking Help from Everywhere

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“Guan Xilin? Feng Jiu’s sworn brother?” The Glorious East Country Ruler asked in shock: “How is he able to kill Elder Yan who is a Celestial Strong Exponent? Did you see it clearly? Was there any strong exponents secretly helping them?”

“No, your subordinate saw the big blade in Guan Xilin’s hand chop Elder Yan in half, there was no one else.”

Upon hearing this, the Glorious East Country Ruler sank down in his throne and his body trembled imperceptibly. This Feng Jiu, this Guan Xilin, this Feng Guard, really had the ability…

If so, then, that would be too terrible!

Even if he were to ask other countries for help at this time, he was afraid that they were too far away to help them in time. Moreover, even if he was seeking help, the other two Empires wouldn’t come right away either.

He took a deep breath and calmed his mind, then said solemnly: “Send men to the major families in the city! Ask their Family Patriarchs and Family Heads to come to the Palace to help!”

“Yes!” The black robed dark guard responded and left quickly.

However, ever since the fall of Scarlet Water Country, new had spread across the Empires, especially the major families from the few Imperial Cities who had cooperated with Scarlet Water Country in the past, they were well prepared in advance even though they were unfamiliar with the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu, they had heard many rumours about her.

Even if it might have sounded like an exaggeration, however, Scarlet Water Country’s Country Ruler was killed, the Crown Prince and the most favoured Third Princess were also killed. Their bodies were hung at the Imperial City Gate and Scarlet Water Imperial Palace was ablaze with fire, it had burned for a whole day and night.

They were vigilant, regardless of the Ghost Doctor’s strength, the Elders of each family had ordered that under no circumstances would they get involved with the affairs between the Royal Family and the Ghost Doctor.

Some time had passed, and it was nearly evening. The sky was getting dark and a dangerous aura had enveloped the entire palace. The major families in the Imperial City seemed to have also sensed something and they kept their doors shut, unwilling to leave the house.

The men of the Glorious East Country Ruler knocked on the doors of the major families. Soon after they entered, they left again. The news spread secretly amongst the major families and Elders of the major families gathered together.

“I really didn’t expect the Ghost Doctor to really come! And to pick the Glorious East Empire out of the three remaining Empires too.”

“According to the dark guards from the palace, one of the Celestial Strong Exponents by the Country Ruler’s side had brought a hundred men to deal with a few dozen people and they were all killed, not a single one was left alive.” Another Elder said, frowning as he thought: “I didn’t expect the Ghost Doctor’s strength to be so strong after half a year.”

Upon hearing this, another Elder next to him shook his head: “Well, I heard that the Ghost Doctor hasn’t even taken any action yet. The person who killed the old man was the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu’s sworn brother called Guan Xilin.”

“It looks like the Country Ruler is not confident that he can deal with Feng Jiu, otherwise he wouldn’t have sent men to ask us the major families for help.” A Family Head with white beard stroked his beard and said slowly, he was very curious about the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu.

What kind of a woman was she to have been able to force a Country Ruler of an Empire to seek help everywhere?

“This kind of matter could cause disaster to befall upon our families if it isn’t handled properly, who would dare to help?”

“Yes! Since the Imperial Family caused the problem, they should take care of it themselves!” Another person shook his head and said. In his heart however, he knew that the fate of the Glorious East Country Ruler would be the same as the Scarlet Water

Kingdom’s fate after it was destroyed.

An elder pondered and asked: “When the Empires joined forces, didn’t they have help from the upper forces? Why have they been left to their own defences now?”


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