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Chapter 1727: Glorious East and the Setting Moon

Feng Sanyuan looked at the sky and said slowly, “This thing is inevitable. The danger that should come will still come. The main thing is knowing what we should do.”

In the Eight Supreme Empires, the other three empires were in the state of vigilance and fear these recent days. In particular, when they imagined the scene where the Scarlet Water ruler’s naked corpse was hung at the gate of the imperial city. Even without seeing it with their own eyes, they felt nervous and restless every time they thought about it.

The ruler of the Setting Moon Empire, the closest to the Scarlet Water Kingdom, was in the midst of asking the people he dispatched to scout out. “Several days have passed, haven’t you found any information yet?”

The man kneeling in the palace hall did not dare to look up. “To answer the ruler, there were no clues left in Scarlet Water. We don’t know who did it. Xuanyuan Mo Ze, the Xuanyuan Empire’s Crown Prince, has always stayed in the empire and never left. Hell’s Palace’s force is guarding the Xuanyuan Empire closely. So, it wasn’t the people of Hell’s Palace who did it.”

Hearing this, the Setting Moon Empire’s ruler’s worries were not abated. If it was not Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s hand, who might it be? He was absolutely certain that this force helped the Xuanyuan Empire. Otherwise, it would not have attacked the Scarlet Water Kingdom at this time.

The Scarlet Water ruler, a Celestial Strong Exponent, was killed so mysteriously. When he thought of it, his sleep was restless. Would there be a man standing next to his bed one night with the intent to kill him?

“You’re all useless! Withdraw!” He waved and shouted anxiously.

The man kneeling in the palace hall could only answer respectfully and retreated.

The Setting Sun ruler walked back and forth in the palace. Not long after, he called out with a deep voice. “Somebody!”

“Yes, Ruler!” Two men came in and saluted respectfully.

“Add another team of guards. Don’t even let a mosquito enter the palace!” The Setting Moon ruler gave the order.


The two men retreated. Following the command, they added another team of guards to the palace. This was the third time that the ruler had given an order. It was obvious that the ruler was in a state of anxiety and confusion at this time.

In the Glorious East Empire, although the people he dispatched didn’t find anything, the Glorious East Empire’s ruler jotted down the names of many possible killers on the paper and checked them. Finally, he circled the word Feng Jiu on it.

Looking at the name, a chilling killing intent flashed in the ruler’s gloomy eyes. “Except for Feng Jiu, among the Eight Supreme Empires and the forces of all parts of the lower continent, who would help Xuanyuan Mo Ze at the risk of offending them and the upper continent’s forces?”

“It’s so unexpected. After a half year’s long silence, she reappears while they mistakenly thought that Feng Jiu was so scared to go into hiding.” He murmured in a ruthless tone. “Since you dare to reappear, this time, I must carry your head and dedicate it to the people above!”

Since the people above wanted her head, he would take her head and give it to them as a present! He would take her head and send them this favour! This Feng Jiu was called Ghost Doctor. Reportedly, she had a great reputation among the first to the ninth-grade countries!

How big could she be? A woman who only had a little knowledge about medicine! A little girl who had never seen the world had the gall to be called Ghost Doctor. She dared to say that she had the skill to bring the dying back to life and even dared to offend the people above. How arrogant!

In his opinion, all that was just a baseless legend exaggerated by people outside. No matter how capable a woman was, would she be able to shatter the sky?

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