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Chapter 1726: The recuperating couple

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He was dressed in a simple white robe. His ink-black hair was bound with a jade crown. At his waist were a jadeite pendant as well as a white jadeite flute. His steps were slow and steady. A black-clad guard followed closely behind.

“Grandfather Feng, Old Madam.” Upon entering the courtyard, Murong Yixuan saluted them.

“Please sit down.”

The old patriarch motioned. He sighed at the sight of the elegant young master in white in front of him. This man’s whereabouts were unknown after the founding of the Phoenix Empire, as if he had disappeared into thin air. There was no news at all. It was a surprise to meet him at last under such circumstances and, additionally, to be rescued by him.

At that time, he was very optimistic about this man and Little Jiu as a couple. But, what a pity…

“Yes.” Murong Yixuan nodded and sat down by the table. Looking at them, he inquired warmly, “Are you feeling better? Did you take the medicine on time?”

Su Xi answered, “We’ve made Young Master Murong worried. I’ve already recovered from my injuries. However, Sanyuan was seriously wounded. His health hasn’t shown much improvement even after recuperating for more than half a year.”

“It’s all my fault for leaving both of you here and seldom coming to visit.” He said apologetically.

“You have saved our lives. Saving lives is great kindness and has to be repaid in the future.” Feng Sanyuan said.

“Don’t say so, Grandfather Feng.”

He shook his head. “I played with Qingge in the mansion in my childhood and I have always regarded Grandfather Feng as my own grandfather. Although I couldn’t stop what happened later, I know that I can’t blame others. This time as well, being able to unexpectedly save Grandfather Feng and Old Madam, I am very delighted.”

He looked at the two of them and smiled. “Actually, I have news to tell you this time.”

When the couple heard this, they looked at each other and asked, “Is this Little Jiu’s news?”

Murong Yixuan nodded. “Recently, my Master gave me an order to go down the mountain. The news I heard, in my opinion, might be related to Feng Jiu, so I came here to tell you. Moreover, I sent a letter to Xuanyuan Mo Ze to inform them of your whereabouts.”

“After half a year, those people have not kept an eye too closely. Besides, I heard a short while ago that an empire was destroyed overnight. I guess it’s very likely that Feng Jiu did this. If you two want to go back, wait until you get better. After that, you can return and have a look.”

The two of them were surprised to hear this. “You mean we can go back?”

He replied with a smile. “Yes, you can go back, but I hope you will do that after recovering from your injuries. So that you can solve any trouble coming your way during the journey.”

“Alright, we see.” When they went back later, they would first go to the Xuanyuan Empire to find Xuanyuan Mo Ze. He should know where Feng Jiu was. Besides, if they asked him, he should know whether Ye’er was with them.

Murong Yixuan stood up. “I have to go back to the mountain to report on the mission’s completion. I’m taking my leave now.”

“You haven’t stayed for long. Do you have to leave now?” Feng Sanyuan asked. Looking at Murong Yixuan, his heart was unspeakably complex.

“No, I can’t. I have to go. It’s something that I mustn’t delay.” He smiled, turned to leave and walked out from the place.

“I’ll see you off.” Su Xi stood up. After sending him out, she came back and went to Feng Sanyuan. “Do you think that thing he said was done by Little Jiu? How powerful is Scarlet Water Kingdom, one of the Eight Supreme Empires? Will it bring about any danger?”

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