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Chapter 1724: The Phoenix Star reappears

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze got the news, it was already a few days later.

He stood inside the Xuanyuan imperial palace with hands clasped behind his back. He was watching the sky outside and sighing inwardly. No wonder he kept waiting for her here without seeing her shadows. It turned out that she went to the Scarlet Water Kingdom and wreaked havoc.

After standing for a while, he called out. “Gray Wolf.”

“Master.” Gray Wolf came in from outside and gave him a salute. With a grin, he spoke, “Master, do you have an order for me?”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at the smirking Gray Wolf. The corners of his mouth were drawn out imperceptibly. He looked away and then said in a deep voice. “Take a team of people to help Feng Jiu.”

“Ah?” Gray Wolf was stupefied. “Where to? Does Master know which empire Ghost Doctor’s next target will be?”

“Of the remaining three empires, which one do you think she will attack first?” He looked out at the sky, his eyes dark.

Gray Wolf thought for a moment. “The Glorious East Empire is the strongest among the remaining three empires. I think Ghost Doctor will put this empire last! As for the other two, one is rather far from the Scarlet Water Kingdom while the other is closer to it. So, I think Ghost Doctor will destroy the empire near the Scarlet Water.”

“Is that so?”

Gray Wolf was surprised to hear this and asked, “Is it incorrect?” Did his master imply that Ghost Doctor won’t attack the empire close by?

“Take a troop to the Glorious East Empire and wait for her there!” He commanded with a deep voice.

Gray Wolf was stunned, but he didn’t pose any more questions. Instead, he answered respectfully. “Yes.” Since his master said so, he would do as instructed! So, after a salute, he retreated. After moving a troop, he communicated with Shadow One and left for the Glorious East Empire.

The Sky Mountain was like a chunk of white snow in the pitch-black night. The light was distinct under the reflection of the white snow. In the night breeze, on the top of the Sky Mountain, the white-robed Old Man Tianji stood with his hands behind his back, looking at the dazzling stars in the night sky, murmuring and muttering with amazement.

“Really worthy to be called the Phoenix Star. The disaster against heaven can be easily defused. It’s really inconceivable. So inconceivable…”

“Master.” Mo Chen, also dressed in white, came and stood behind him.

“Mo Chen, go! Go to her side. She’s the one who will break the life and death tribulation on your body.” He turned around and looked at Mo Chen.

Mo Chen was slightly shocked to hear this. He asked, “Didn’t Master say that she would only let her disciples go down the mountain until after she broke her own heaven-defying tribulation? Has she already untied it?”

It’s only half a year. He heard that the Phoenix Empire was destroyed. When the fire burned down everything in the Phoenix Empire Imperial Palace that night, even Old Patriarch Feng and his wife were buried in the fire. Moreover, Old Patriarch Feng’s little son ended up inside the belly of the ferocious beast!

Feng Jiu, with her parents and the remaining Feng Guards, went far away. For half a year, there was no news, as if she had disappeared from the world.

During this short period, even the Xuanyuan Empire was under attack from many sides and was in turmoil. The war between the Eight Supreme Empires seemed imminent. Even the cultivators in all parts of the world could sense the hostile tension.

At this time, his master suddenly ordered him to go down the mountain. Was she going to appear?

“Hahaha, she is a heaven-defying person. The person destined by heaven is indeed formidable. Just in half a year, the situation in the world began to change.”

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