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Chapter 1720: Truly in high spirits

The next day, at nightfall, Feng Jiu and Guan Xilin brought a group of people along with them and sneaked into the palace. At the same time, Luo Yu and his peers led the other subordinates to carry out another plan.

They entered the palace’s side door, killed the guards and replaced them with the Feng Guards to guard the room, while the rest of them went inside.

After half a year’s training, the Feng Guard’s skill and covert breaths already reached the peak. They hid in the night. The many guards in the palace couldn’t find their figures.

Fire Phoenix, who was stationed at the palace much earlier so that it could get the news, knew that they had arrived and flew over. “The Scarlet Water ruler is at the palace front, come with me.” With that, it went ahead to show them the way.

“Fire Phoenix, have you done everything I asked you to do?” Feng Jiu asked in a low voice.

“It’s already done. Considering that it’s been administered since early morning until now, the drug effect should show up soon.” Fire Phoenix looked back and answered. Feng Jiu ordered it to put a colourless and tasteless drug in the water source so that the cultivators would lose their spirit energy without even realizing it. Counting the time, the drug was about to show its effect.

“Very good.” Feng Jiu let out a satisfied smile. If this worked, it would be as easy as blowing off dust.

The Scarlet Water ruler had no idea that danger was approaching. He was embracing a beautiful and voluptuous concubine as ambiguous sounds of delight escaped the room.

“Ruler, don’t! Don’t you still have a memorial to read?”

The voluptuous woman in light violet-coloured tulle had a tender and beautiful face. She sat on the Scarlet Water ruler’s lap with one hand hung on his neck and the other half-covering the torn tulle on her chest, concealing the half-exposed sexy figure. She twisted her supple waist gently. Under the long skirt, a pair of long white legs were faintly discernible under the tulle. She pretended to refuse, half angry and half shy. Her beautiful and charming eyes were filled with an amorous look.

“What memorial can be compared with loving you! Come here, let this lonesome king give you a kiss.” The Scarlet Water ruler caressed her with one hand and pried open the concubine’s hand covering her chest with the other. He buried his head in her ample chest.

“Ah, ruler…”

She protested coquettishly. The boundless charm and the beautiful eyes of the voluptuous beauty in his arms, her alluring figure, and the soft sensation of her full bosom all lit an insatiable fire inside him, so he immediately picked her up and walked to the big bed inside the room.

He threw the woman in his arms onto the big bed, took off his clothes, and pounced on her. However, at this very moment, a long sword with a cold glint appeared at the ruler’s neck without any sounds.

“Truly in high spirits!”

A faint laughter containing jest sounded in the room. The voice seemed so strange, making the Scarlet Water ruler completely agitated. He felt as if a basin of freezing cold water was dunked on his head, soaking the insatiable fire on his body until it was extinguished in an instant, leaving only fear.

Who? Who could have appeared in his palace without making any sounds?

Who? Who could put a sword on his neck so arrogantly?

Everything happened while he didn’t notice anyone coming…

This person could even let him detect anything. Could this person’s strength be even higher than him? When he thought of this,especially of the embarrassing situation he was currently in, the Scarlet Water ruler let out copious cold sweats.


The nude voluptuous woman cried out in alarm. However, just as she let out a shriek, a silver needle shot directly between her eyebrows, leaving only a trickle of blood…

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