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Chapter 1710: Leaping Dragon

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At this moment, Old White who had collapsed on the ground leapt up and shook his body. Suddenly, the white horse disappeared and it turned into a white dragon!

The body of that dragon was so big and strong that a single person would be unable to embrace it. It was about three metres long, its scales were glowing with silver light and its four dragon claws glinted sharply. With two horns on its head, the dragon lifted its head and its dragon whiskers flickered with each breath, its dragon eyes stared widely, as if it was confused and also in a daze.

Feng Jiu was dumbfounded and she stood there staring blankly at Old White who had suddenly turned from a white horse into a white dragon. Originally Old White was only half a dragon and now he is a full dragon top to bottom!

Fire Phoenix and Cloud Devouring were also dumbfounded. As they stared at the confused Old White in mid-air and its dragon’s head and tail, the two beasts were speechless.

Was Old White still a horse? Maybe at best it was a mutant horse? But how did it turn into a dragon?

When Old White had recovered from his shock, he exclaimed: “Ah! Master! I’ve mutated again!” It jumped up and down in mid-air and soon arrived in front of Feng Jiu, its bulging dragon eyes full of excitement.

“Master, look at me now, don’t I look better than when I had my original horse’s body? Can you sense I am in a higher grade now? Did I change suddenly from a horse to a dragon? Master, do you think I belong to the dragon race now?” It swayed its tail excitedly as it could feel that it had risen levels as soon as it had changed into a dragon.

Feng Jiu blinked and looked at Old White who was in front of her. She reached out and touched the silver scales on its body and said: “You’ve really turned into a dragon?” As soon as her voice fell, she touched the lone horn within the dragon’s horns. It’s really turned into a dragon, but why is the lone horn still here?

“Looks like the fruit is indeed a very good thing.” Feng Jiu and smiled.

At that time, when she saw the nest of snakes guarding the tree, she knew that the fruit tree must be extraordinary. Now, after witnessing Old White turning into a dragon, it can be imagined that the fruit had the ability to stimulate potential and make spirit beasts mutate.

If the Snake King had eaten this fruit back then, maybe it would have also turned into a dragon! From a snake to a dragon, it could soar into the sky. No wonder the Snake King was chasing after her so closely.

“Let’s go! We will go out now!” She said smiling. She was happy to see that all her little beasts had also advanced. However, just as she was about to take them out, she saw a flash of green out of the corner of her eyes.

“Huh?” She raised her eyebrows and looked in that direction. It was the place where elixir medicines were planted and she saw a flash of a green figure running through the spirit fields. Could it be that green-feathered chicken?

Things had been chaotic up till now and her mind was a mess. After she had brought her small beasts in here to cultivate with her, she hadn’t thought much about it. She would naturally remember Fire Phoenix and the others as they were her contract beasts after all, and she could sense them within her. But as there was no contract between her and this Green Feather, plus it hadn’t appeared recently, so she had forgotten about it.

If she hadn’t seen the flash of green figure run past in the spirit fields just then, she would have still forgotten that she had a green-feathered chicken with her.

“Master, what’s the matter?” Cloud Devouring asked. It looked back but didn’t see anything.

Fire Phoenix also looked back without knowing why. They hadn’t seen Green Feather in the past six months, hence, they had also forgotten about it.

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