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Chapter 1702: Can’t Live

“I know I am wrong now … I really know my mistake now … hooo … I dare not, I really dare not anymore…”

Amidst the cries of Steward Sun, the old man was making his diagnosis. He shook his head solemnly and said: “This old man is useless, please seek help from someone better!” With that, he turned and walked out.

Upon seeing this, Elder He instructed: “Look after Steward Sun.” He left with everyone and left behind Steward Sun who was mumbling to himself.

When they came outside, the others were a little frightened by the scene before them and couldn’t help but asked: “Two elders, do you know what happened to Steward Sun? How did this happen to him? I also heard that someone had gone to the Medicine Storage Pavilion and stolen some medicinal herbs?”

“Hmph!” He snorted coldy and said: “The evil we bring onto ourselves is the hardest to bear!”

Upon hearing this, everyone glanced at each other and bowed politely to Elder He: “Can Elder He explain in more detail please?” Could it be that he had provoked someone? Otherwise, how could something like this have happened to him all of a sudden?

As everyone there was from the Black Market, Elder He said: “This person named Sun had withheld the Ghost Doctor’s black token and even ordered someone to kill the Ghost Doctor! Hmph! That dog! He didn’t even check who the Ghost Doctor is before he tried to take advantage of the opportunity! Who else would the Ghost Doctor teach a lesson if not him?”

When everyone heard this, they were shocked and couldn’t help but gasped: “Ghost Doctor? He actually dared to withhold the Ghost Doctor’s black token?”

Who did he think the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu was? Did he think that the Ghost Doctor was someone he could offend and provoke? Even though her situation was not the same as before right now, she was definitely not someone they could provoke. Steward Sun must have eaten the courage of a bear and leopard!

When they thought of this, they couldn’t help but asked: “What shall we do now?”

“What shall we do? We will have someone guard Sun, and then report the matter!” Elder He said. He shook his sleeves and left with the other elder.

Everyone stayed for a short while and then they all left. This was something they had better not get involved with.

In the evening the next day, Feng Jiu returned to the valley. Shangguan Wanrong and the others who had been awaiting her return were finally at ease when they saw her return safely.

“Little Jiu, there’s porridge in the kitchen that’s been keeping warm, eat some!” Shangguan Wanrong looked at her up and down and asked: “Did you get hurt?”

“No, it went well. The medicinal herbs this time are enough for me to refine a lot of pills.” Of course, apart from the black token she hadn’t brought back with her. However, that didn’t matter as one day it would return to her hands.

When she heard this, Shangguan Wanrong smiled lightly: “It’s good that you’ve not been injured. Eat something first and have a good rest. Your Father was just saying yesterday that he’s a little worried about you going out by yourself.”

“Where’s Father?” Feng Jiu asked.

“He’s gone to watch the Feng Guards train, he went with Xilin.”

Feng Jiu nodded, and followed her mother to the kitchen. She sat down at a table outside the kitchen, and after she had finished eating, she went back to her room to take a bath and have a rest.

She talked to her parents for a while later that night, and after leaving instructions for more matters, she prepared for her alchemy session…

Over the next few days, she helped the Feng Guards refine a large quantity of pills, and then she entered Space to cultivate.

She wanted to advance to the Celestial Strong Exponent Stage! She also wanted to do it in the shortest period of time possible. There were still many things waiting for her to deal with, she had to break through as soon as possible! Advance her strength one step further!

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