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Chapter 1701: Consequences

That guard lowered his head: “The guards on duty have fainted.”

Upon hearing that, the two elders walked out immediately. When they arrived at the Medicine Storage Pavilion and saw that the majority of the medicine were still there, and they were only missing the batch of elixir from today’s delivery, they knew at once who was responsible.

At this moment, a guard had hurried over and reported: “Bad news elders, Steward Sun, Steward Sun, he…”

The two of them didn’t ask questions but walked out into the courtyard where Steward Sun was in charge. As soon as they entered the courtyard, they heard screams of horror coming from inside. They couldn’t help but paused, after some hesitation, they finally walked inside.

“No! No! Hurry! Hurry up and find me a doctor!” Steward Sun’s frightened voice could be heard coming from inside the room. They didn’t know what he was talking about, they only knew that he was ordering someone to find a doctor.

Upon entering the room, they were met with a strong scent of blood. The two elders frowned: “What’s the matter? Steward Sun, what happened?”

One of the guards stepped forward and said: “Elders, Steward Sun is hiding in his bed and won’t let us go near him or let us see him. We don’t know what’s wrong, but the scent of blood in the room is very strong, I’m afraid…”

Upon hearing this, the two elders strode forward and drew the bed curtains apart. When they saw the man shrinking into the corner of the bed, they couldn’t help being shocked. Looks of horror appeared across their faces as they dropped the bed curtains and took three steps back.

The hearts of the two elders rolled like raging waves stirring up a thousand waves. That first glance that entered their eyes caused a chill and an incredulous feeling in their hearts.

He was fine during the day. How did he turn into such a horrific sight, unlike a human or a ghost. At the moment the bed curtain was opened, they saw Steward Sun hiding in the corner of the bed. He was wearing a white shirt but his whole body was dripping with blood, as if his skin and flesh was falling off his body. Layer by layer it fell onto the bed. It was a shocking sight.

“The doctor is here! The doctor is here!”

The guard brought the doctor into the room. Alongside them were alchemists from the Black Market. When they heard that something had happened here, they came along to take a look.

“Open the bed curtains and ask Steward Sun to come out.” The doctor said. As he could smell the strong scent of blood, he asked some people to open the door and windows to disperse smell.

“Doctor, doctor, you have to save me, you have to save me!” Steward Sun rushed out and grabbed the old man in front of him: “Take a look at me quickly, what’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with me? Will I die? Will I die?”

Upon seeing Steward Sun who had rushed out from behind the bed curtains, everyone except for the two elders who had seen him earlier, were shocked and backed away involuntarily.

Even the doctor whom Steward Sun had grabbed with his blood-stained hand had paled in fright and shouted hurriedly: “You, let go of me first and sit down, then I will take a look at you.”

“You must save me, you must save me, if you don’t save me I will surely die, I will definitely die.” He murmured. Maybe he was in shock as he didn’t seem to have any feeling of the flesh falling off his body and the blood staining his shirt.

The alchemist and two doctors from the Black Market behind them shuddered at the sight They looked on in horror and asked: “What, how did this happen?”

“She fed me a strange black and cyan coloured pill, she said she wanted me to wish I was dead than alive…” Steward Sun murmured and burst into tears suddenly.

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