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Chapter 1700: Who did it?

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“Am I that easy to deal with?” Feng Jiu played with her hair and spoke lazily, “If you provoke me, you have to think of the consequences, isn’t it, Steward Sun?”

She stood up, flicked her robe, and approached the bed slowly. Looking at the person sitting by the bedside, she suddenly reached out and pinched his chin. “Tell me, how should I repay you?”

Steward Sun opened his eyes wide and looked at her in horror. He wanted to shake his head but he couldn’t. His body seemed to be pinned and couldn’t move. He knew that it was the power of a strong exponent. He felt an utter regret at this very moment.

If he had known that Ghost Doctor was so unreasonable, if he had known that Ghost Doctor was so terrible, he would not have turned against her.

“Hmm, I have a lot of strange pills on hand. How about I give you one?” She showed a malicious smile. With a flip of the hand, a black and blue pill appeared in her palm.

Seeing the strange black and blue pill, the cold sweat on Steward Sun’s forehead dripped down. He was stiff and wanted to retreat, but his chin was pinched.

“Take it! Don’t stand on ceremony, this pill is my gift for you.” She popped the pill into his mouth. “Oh, I forgot to tell you that I have collected all the medicines in the Medicine Storage Pavilion. Tomorrow you won’t have to wait for me to get the medicine, so as to save the trouble.”

She released her grip on his chin, retreated a few steps, and her beautiful eyes half narrowed. With a smile, she told him, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I will leave you to the people at the top. As for the efficacy of this pill, I think you will know very soon.”

With this, the red figure flashed and left from the window. In a wink, she disappeared into the night.

As soon as she left, the pressure of the whole room dissipated and the force that pressed him also disappeared. However, when he thought of the pill he had taken, his face turned white and he was paralyzed on the bed, shouting for help.

“Come, somebody! Come quickly!”

However, there was no one guarding outside the courtyard and the people nearby had been subdued by Feng Jiu. For a while, no one heard it, until after the time it took a column of incense to burn.

The guard who fell in the Medicine Storage Pavilion was found by the patrolling team. In a flash, the lanterns were lighted and everyone quickly went to inform their superiors.

Some of them went to inform the two elders, while others went to inform Steward Sun.

“It’s bad, it’s bad Elders, there’s an accident!” A guard was beating the door and shouting.

The two men who were chatting while playing chess in the room looked at each other, and one of them asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Someone sneaked into the Medicine Storage Pavilion and stole most of the spirit herbs in it.” The guard outside spoke.

When the door opened, a man came out of the room. “Oh? How could those herbs be stolen? Isn’t there a guardian there all day long? ”

“Yes, but those herbs put in today have all disappeared. The losses have already been calculated. In addition, someone went to inform Steward Sun.” The guard reported.

Hearing this, the two elders in the room looked at each other with astonishment. They stood up and walked out with tacit understanding. After opening the door, looking at the guard outside, he asked: “Who did it? There are so many people guarding the Medicine Storage Pavilion, can no one find out?”

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