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Chapter 1681: Can’t Say

“You wait.” Zhao Yang knelt down and took out the cosmos sack that he had hidden inside his boots. He took out an iron wire from the cosmos sack then stepped forwards and fiddled with the lock for a while. Eventually, he managed to open the door and he immediately pulled Little Feng Ye away with him as they escaped towards the back door.

“Take the antidote.” Zhao Yang handed him the antidote and pulled him into the unmanned courtyard. The two of them sat in a corner and panted, gasping for breath.

“Sunny, why do you have these things?” Little Feng asked curiously, blinking as he stared at him.

“Princess gave them to me for self-defence. I always keep them with me.” As he spoke, he had a thought. After taking a short break, he said: “We can’t stay here. If those people realise we have escaped, they might find us in the city. Let’s go!”

“Where are we going? Are we going back to the Palace?” Little Feng Ye asked.

“We will decide after we leave the city gates.” He pulled him towards the city gates. He had planned to leave the city gates and enquire about news along the way.

“Sunny, how did you use the iron wire to unlock the lock?” Little Feng Ye asked curiously. He realised that he didn’t know the things that Sunny knew.

“I’ve learnt how to unpick locks, not only with iron wires, but also with pens.” Zhao Yang watched the people on the streets as replied. When he saw a few people on the street searching for someone, he picked up his pace.

“Hurry up! They’ve found us!”

Little Feng Ye didn’t dare to ask any more questions and ran along with his short legs. The two of them mingled in the city crowd and managed to exit the city gates. After they walked out of the city gates, they entered the small forest and Little Feng Ye tripped over a tree branch. He fell forwards and both his hands were cut badly, blood oozed out.

He stared at his bleeding hands in a daze. As he looked at the blood, he couldn’t help but think of the bloody scene that night. He sat there blankly for a while.

“You’re bleeding, let me help you bandage your wounds.” Zhao Yang blamed himself a little. He was bigger than him so he could run faster, yet he had failed to realise that he would be unable to keep up with him, that’s why he fell.

“I miss Father and Mother.” Little Feng Ye raised his head after a long time and looked at Zhao Yang who was bandaging his hands. He spoke in a clingy voice, aggrieved; “Sunny, I miss Father and Mother.”

Zhao Yang was slightly startled and stayed silent for a long time. He sat down with him and said: “You can see them again in the future.” He also missed his father and mother, but this time he probably won’t see them again.

“When will I see them again?” Little Feng Ye asked in a crisp voice.

Zhao Yang thought for a while and said: “After we find Princess, Princess will definitely find them. As long as we find Princess, you will be able to see your father and mother again.”

“Then let’s find somebody to ask! And see if Ah Jiu is back!” He had little memory of his niece named Ah Jiu. All he knew was her name and he had heard many things about her.

“No.” Zhao Yang shook his head: “Until we find them, we can’t mention Princess’ name to anyone. We also can’t mention our past and the names of your father and mother.”

“Why?” The little man asked puzzledly. If they didn’t mention their names then how could they ask? If they didn’t mention them then no one would know? Then how would he find out what he wanted to know?

“Because if Princess’ enemies find out you are her uncle, they will capture you and use you to threaten her. We will also be in danger then.”

Upon hearing this, Little Feng Ye nodded his head as if he understood some of it: “Alright! I won’t talk about it anymore, but right now I am so sleepy, I really want to sleep.”

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