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Chapter 1678: The Former Yihua Palace

On the other side in the Phoenix Empire, Feng Jiu and the others had finally returned to the Imperial City.

The airship flew directly into the city and stopped outside the gates of the Imperial Palace. As news of their return spread, the leaders of the various forces and Family Patriarchs of various families sent spies to keep watch.

In fact, the Feng Family had always treated them really well, but, who could be the strong opponent they had offended? It had brought them such a catastrophe, even though they had wanted to help them, they didn’t dare to help them.

Now that they heard news that Feng Jiu and Feng Xiao had returned, all their attention had fallen to the Palace.

Old Family Patriarch Geng had rushed straight to the Palace upon learning the news. The Feng Guards and people from Hell’s Palace had also rushed to the Palace Gate to greet them. When the eight Feng Guard Captains saw their Master, Feng Jiu’s return, their eyes were red.

“Subordinates greet Master!”

After the eight of them saluted to Feng Jiu, they turned to Feng Jiu and saluted: “Family Head.”

“Ghost Doctor.” Ren Xiang stepped forward and bowed. He said; “I am here under the orders of my Master to assist you. If there is anything you need my help with, just tell me and I will get it done for you.”

Feng Jiu’s gaze flicked across the eight Feng Guard Captains. She could see that Luo Yu, Fan Lin, Qi Kang and the others were well, but they were unable to conceal the pain in their eyes.

At the side was Ren Xiang, the owner of Qingfeng Tower, whom Xuanyuan Mo Ze had left in charge to deal with the Hell’s Palace forces on this side. It was also thanks to him that he had been transferred over here because he had assassinated those people who had been lurking around here.

“Where was my Grandfather and the others burned?” She asked, her eyes fell onto Luo Yu.

Luo Yu lowered his head slightly and said: “Subordinate will lead Master over.” All of them led the way, Feng Jiu and the others were brought to the place where Feng Sanyuan and Su Xi had been trapped by the flames that fateful night.

The group of people walked through the Palace in silence. They could see that half of the Feng Guards were missing and the Imperial Palace had obviously been restored, their hearts felt so uncomfortable seeing this. Especially Feng Jiu who hadn’t spoken since she had stepped into the Palace, each step she took felt heavier than the previous step.

“Master, this is the Palace building.”

Luo Yu stopped and looked at her, then at Feng Xiao, and said: “That night, except for Feng Ye and Zhao Yang those two children, no one else survived. By the time we had entered from the secret tunnel, we saw the injured and weary Retired Emperor from a distance, he was injured by two Celestial Strong Exponents from behind and was thrown into the raging flames.”

Speaking of this, he stopped and lowered his head: “We had wanted to rush inside to rescue them, but we didn’t in the end. Subordinates deserve to die!” The eight of them knelt down.

Feng Jiu took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, as she looked at the burnt down Palace building, her heart ached. The whole Palace building had been burnt so badly that she didn’t think the corpses of her Grandfather and the others would have survived.

The other parts of the Palace had been somewhat restored, but over here, it still looked like ruins. She stepped forwards. When her eyes swept past a plaque, she looked at the burnt characters in a daze.

Yihua? This was Yihua Palace? Back then, this was where Murong Yixuan had lived.

Yihua Palace was relatively remote and further away from the Main Hall. She hadn’t expected that Grandfather and the others would have been hunted to this place, and finally died and buried here. A big fire had burnt everything to ashes….

“Father! Son has returned!”

A choking voice drifted to Feng Jiu’s ears and she recovered from her daze. She saw her father had knelt down on both knees and was kowtow-ing to the ruins.

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