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Chapter 1677: Palace Shakedown

Finally, his eyes landed on the dozen or so Imperial City Guards who had knives with them. His voice was icy cold when he spoke: “Who allowed the Imperial City Guards to bring their blades with them into the Palace?”

When the dozen or so guards heard this, their hearts trembled and they knelt down immediately: “Your Highness, please have mercy!”

Upon seeing this, Duke Cheng who had been watching at the side said hurriedly: “Mo Ze, it’s like this, I…” Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s voice.

“Gray Wolf, Shadow One, cut off their right arms!”


Gray Wolf and Shadow One who had received their orders responded immediately, and before anyone could react, a glint of cold light could be seen flashing across in an instant. Sharp screams struck everyone’s eardrums and their screams reverberated through the skies of the Palace and people couldn’t help but be startled.

His Royal Highness had returned and the Palace was reorganised. Who would dare to be presumptuous?

When Duke Cheng saw the dozens or so arms flying across in front of him one by one, the bloody scene made his legs soft and his body trembled involuntarily.

He was afraid of Xuanyuan Mo Ze; his methods were so cruel, he was a cold-blooded and merciless person, a demon who killed without so much as a blink! If he wanted someone killed, all he had to do was order it to be done. He was sure that if he had violated his baseline, it wouldn’t have just been these guards losing their arms, but it would have been him this Lord…

When he thought of this, he couldn’t help but feel a chill in his heart and his face became paler. He really shouldn’t have entered the Palace today. He thought that Xuanyuan Mo Ze hadn’t returned yet, but who knew, he was already in the Palace?

Xuanyuan Mo Ze ignored the dozen or so guards who fell on the ground howling and he ignored the dozens or so arms that were stacked in front of him. He stepped forward and came to stand in front of Duke Cheng: “What did you say you entered the Palace to do earlier?”

Duke Cheng swallowed. He raised his sleeves and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, he said in a shaky voice: “No, nothing, I, I was thinking, I was thinking of coming to see you, your Imperial Father. But since you are back now, I can go back without any worry.”

“That’s good.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze said with his hands behind his back and stared at Duke Cheng with a deep and sharp gaze. He said in a cold voice: “This Lord doesn’t want to see anyone taking advantage of situations in times of trouble. If anyone dares scheme under this Lord’s eyes, his fate will end in death!”

“Yes yes yes, I know, I will make sure everyone understands. Not to mention you Mo Ze, even I will not tolerate anyone who dares to scheme!” Duke Cheng responded hurriedly and pretended to be righteous.

Upon hearing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at him and said: “Go back!”

“Alright, I will go back first. Please send my regards to your Imperial Father. Another day, I will visit him another day.” Duke Cheng said and left quickly. Those guards who were on the ground fought against the pain of losing their arm and left with him.

The broken arms on the ground were dealt with by the Palace Guards swiftly. There wasn’t even a drop of blood stain left. After peace had been restored, Xuanyuan Mo Ze turned and returned to his Palace quarters.

The news of Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s return to the Palace had spread quickly, along with the shakedown with Duke Cheng in the Palace. This made those people who were eager to cause trouble reevaluate, as some didn’t dare to act rashly.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze took advantage of this time and dealt with the internal and external affairs…

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