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Chapter 1674: Greatly Shaken

This matter seemed to be over for now. Even though Feng Xiao knew about it, he didn’t say anything, nor did have any intention to say anything. He would keep this secret buried in his heart, adjusted his frame of mind, and followed them onto the airship.

The dead were gone and the living were still here, he needed to keep looking forward, they still had a long future ahead of them…

On the other side of the Xuan Yuan Empire, when Xuanyuan Moze had received his father’s letter and rushed back, anxiety had spread through his heart and his heart felt heavy.

If it wasn’t an emergency, if things hadn’t happened suddenly, he wouldn’t have rushed back to the Imperial Palace when something had happened at Feng Jiu’s house.

“Master, we are nearly at the Imperial City, do we enter the Palace first or are we going back to the residence first?” Gray Wolf who was beside Xuanyuan Moze asked.

“We’ll enter the Palace.” A somber voice came from his mouth. As he stood on the airship, he looked into the distance through his hands. The airship flew directly over the gate of the Imperial City and stopped directly outside the Palace Gate.

Sixteen black robed guards leaped off the airship and stood in two rows, one on the left and one on the right. Xuanyuan Moze walked off the airship, followed by Gray Wolf and Shadow One. Under the escort of everyone, he made his way into the inner hall.

As soon as the Palace Guards saw him, they bowed their heads respectfully and saluted. Everyone felt confident when they saw his return.

“Subordinates greets Master!”

A black robed guard came out and knelt down on one knee and bowed.

Xuanyuan Moze stopped and looked at the Black Guard in front of him and said solemnly: “Tell me the whole story!” As soon as his voice fell, he continued walking.

The Black Guard stepped forward and came to his side. He nodded at Gray Wolf and Shadow One then whispered in a low voice next to him: “Recently a force has appeared that has been pulling various forces together. These people have sneaked into our various checkpoints and ambushed and destroyed us. Many people were killed and several of our bases were destroyed. In addition to this, the power in the Palace is somewhat distributed, and quite a lot of people are up to no good on the sly. Also, several empires outside are putting pressure on our Xuan Yuan Empire.”

“About half a month ago, when Country Ruler went hunting, he encountered a powerful enemy ambush and his dantian was destroyed. This news has been suppressed and we don’t dare to let it out. Subordinate is afraid that if the news spreads, the Xuan Yuan Empire will be greatly shaken.”

After he listened to the Black Guard’s words, Xuanyuan Moze’s expression became ice cold. Even Gray Wolf and Shadow One’s expressions were solemn. Such a big thing had actually happened.

When Master received the letter, it only stated that a major event had happened in the Palace and that he was to return quickly, but they hadn’t expected the situation to be so serious. Several empires being pressured, their subordinate forces being destroyed, and their Palace forces dispersed, who was it? Who could have the ability to disrupt their Xuan Yuan Empire in such a short time?

“How is he now?” He asked calmly.

The Black Guard was stunned for a moment, but he knew who he was asking after, he was referring to the Country Ruler, so he said immediately: “Subordinate has ordered someone to take the appearance of Country Ruler and take his place for the time being. At the same time, I have moved Country Ruler to somewhere safe so that he can recover from his injuries. However, according to the doctors, Country Ruler can only live as a mortal for the rest of his life.”

Upon hearing this, Xuanyuan Moze’s lips were slightly pursed and his fists in his sleeves tightened. The coldness of his whole body was fierce and compelling, his voice was like a thousand year old icicle.

“Investigate! I must know who is behind all this at all costs!”

“Yes.” The Black Guard responded immediately and vanished.

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