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Chapter 1673: There Is Always A Rainbow After The Storm

“Elder brother, you’re here?” Feng Jiu looked back and saw him stride inside and said: “You haven’t recovered from your injuries, why did you get out of bed?” Didn’t I tell you to stay in bed to rest today?”

Guan Xilin waved his hand: “I can’t lie in bed anymore, besides, it’s just a mild injury, it’s not a big problem.” He walked over to the bed and looked at Feng Xiao who was sitting up leaning against the back of the bed. When he saw his eyes were flushed, he couldn’t help but found it strange and asked: “Foster Father, are you feeling better today?”

“I’m better, don’t worry.” Feng Xiao nodded and said.

“That’s good. Everyone was so worried when you were unconscious.”

Shangguan Wanrong smiled lightly: “It’s good that you are fine now, it was just a false alarm.” She paused then spoke again: “Now that all of you have injuries, do you plan to nurse your injuries here or on the airship”

“We will do so on the airship!” Feng Jiu said. She looked at her parents and said: “Since Father has woken up now, he will be fine. We should hurry back to look for Little Feng Ye. I’m afraid the longer we wait, the more danger he will be in.”

“Then, let’s get ready and set off!” Shangguan Wanrong looked at Feng Xiao and asked: “Can we leave in the afternoon?” She was worried about his health and wondered if the upcoming journey would overwhelm him.

“Yes, I’m fine. I can nurse my injuries on the airship for a day or two. The top priority is to go back to find Feng Ye.” He said in a somber voice: “Father and the others have been killed, as his elder brother, it is my duty to find Feng Ye!”

Upon hearing this, Guan Xilin nodded: “Then I shall go and tell Du Fan and the others to prepare to leave.” As soon as he had finished speaking, he nodded at Feng Jiu and turned around and walked out.

“Father, you get some rest first. I will go out and take a look, I will come back just before we leave.” Feng Jiu said and waved at Leng Shuang who was standing guard outside and asked her to support her walking.

“Your leg is injured, don’t walk about so much, just order them to do anything you need.” Feng Xiao couldn’t help but say. He watched as she hobbled out, worried that her injury would affect her walking in the future.

“It’s fine.” She looked back with a smile then walked out supported by Leng Shuang.

“This child is like that, she can’t slow down, let her go! She is a doctor, she knows her own condition.” Shangguan Wanrong said with a smile, then came over to the bed and sat down. She looked at Feng Xiao and said: “Are you really alright?”

“I’m fine.” Feng Xiao said.

When she heard this, Shangguan Wanrong looked at him and said: “But why do I feel like there is something bothering you? Can you not say what it is? If you can’t speak about it then I won’t ask anymore.”

Feng Xiao looked at her and sighed softly: “It’s really nothing. I just feel that too many things have happened recently and I just have a hard time accepting all these encounters, that’s all. When I think of Father and the others perishing in the fire with not a single Feng Guard surviving, and Feng Ye and Yangyang the two children whose whereabouts are unknown, my heart is just…”

When she heard those words, Shangguan Wanrong was relieved: “Recently, too many things have happened, but no one’s life is smooth sailing, everyone will experience setbacks and sufferings during the course of their lives. Everyone will encounter something out of their control and situations where they are powerless. The heavens has arranged these things, and since we are unable to change them, we have to try to accept it! I believe that after the suffering, everything will be beautiful, just like there will always be a rainbow after the storm.”

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