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Chapter 1672: Always A Member of The Feng Family

Feng Xiao came out of his daze. He looked at his daughter through the tears in his eyes and suddenly reached out and hugged her: “Little Jiu, I’m sorry, it’s all Father’s fault, I’m sorry, Qing Ge, I’m sorry, daughter, I’m sorry…”

He murmured and repeated the words over and over, apologising to Feng Jiu because he should never have had that moment of doubt. She had done so much for them and shown so much sincerity, yet, he actually doubted her for a moment, his heart was shaken by that.

He was apologising to her, and he was also apologising to his daughter Qing Ge, because he only realised at this moment that his daughter was no longer here. He had let her leave all alone, because he hadn’t protected her, he didn’t do his duty as her father to protect her and she left this life at such a young age.

He didn’t fulfill his responsibilities as her father and he didn’t protect her, it was his fault, it was his fault…

Feng Jiu was slightly startled, a little worried and uncertain. What was wrong with Father? He had said that men could bleed but never shed tears. A man like his never cried easily. Why was he crying and so sad, blaming himself now?

What happened?

“Father, did something happen? Tell me and I will figure out a solution.” She said softly and patted his back gently.

Shangguan Wanrong who was next to them was also taken aback when she saw Feng Xiao crying and blaming himself. Her eyes reddened and her heart felt anxious. Has something happened? Why else would he be like this?

After a long while, Feng Xiao finally calmed down. He wiped his tears and shook his head: “It’s me who has forgotten oneself, it’s fine, don’t worry.”

He had decided that he wouldn’t say anything about this to anyone, this was the end of the matter! Only he needed to grieve for Qing Ge’s departure, even Wanrong didn’t need to know.

When she saw that he wasn’t going to say anything more, Feng Jiu didn’t push further and just said: “Father, your medicine is getting cold, drink it first!”

“Sure.” He straightened his mind and buried the matter deep in his heart. He took a long deep look at her, then took the bowl of medicine from her hand and drank the tranquility soup.

Feng Jiu noticed that her father’s gaze seemed a little strange when he looked at her, a little complicated and also emotional, and finally, relief.

What happened to her father last night? Why did he seem so strange after he woke up this morning?

“Father, why are you looking at me like this? Do you have something to tell me?” She couldn’t help but asked.

Feng Xiao looked at her and nodded. He handed the empty bowl to Wanrong and said to Feng Jiu: “Little Jiu, you have to remember that you are always my daughter, you will always be part of the Feng Family, no matter what happens, you will always be a member of the Feng Family, always Father’s good daughter. Father hopes that you will be happy, this is not only the wish of your mother, but also the wish of your grandfather.”

Feng Jiu’s heart warmed upon hearing this. Although she didn’t know why he had suddenly said those words to her, she still smiled happily and nodded: “I know, Father.”

She had always known that her family treated her well, therefore, when she found out that Grandpa and the others had perished in the fire, she was devastated.

At this moment, outside, Guan Xilin who had seen the door ajar, stepped inside and asked: “Little Jiu, is Foster Father awake? How is his health? Is he alright?”

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