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Chapter 1671: Silent Tears

Behind him as they practiced martial arts together, was a small person, never once afraid of hardship, and when bullied for not having a mother, she would run to him and ask, where was her mother?

Gradually, she had grown up to become a young lady, and she quietly told him that she liked Murong Yixuan and she was going to marry him in the future, and become his bride, later….

That scene appeared in his mind, as if it had happened only yesterday, so clear and profound that it stirred up the emotions in his heart.

His daughter, his Qing Ge, was killed by Su Ruoyun’s scheming? The daughter who had returned was strong and independent, confident and ostentatious, sometimes cold and aloof, sometimes eccentric, sometimes charming, sometimes wise and steady.

All these personality traits were what the former Qing Ge didn’t possess. They didn’t notice the changes after her return, and they didn’t doubt her, because she was his daughter.

It was not only her appearance that was familiar, but the feeling, the blood relationship between relatives never made them doubt it. Until one day, someone told him that his daughter was dead, and that his daughter now was not actually his daughter.

Who could understand this feeling?

However, Little Jiu was not Su Ruoyun. Had Su Ruoyun disguised herself as his daughter, she would only want to benefit from the Feng Family and obtain everything for herself, she had only ever wanted to make use of them and never regarded them as her family.

But Little Jiu wasn’t like that at all, he knew that very well, didn’t he?

Over the last few years, he saw the way she treated her family members very clearly, and it was all real. She had regarded them as her own biological parents and grandfather, she had treated them as if they were her relatives. She had protected them. When the Feng Family had met with a calamity, she stood up and defended them.

She had supported everything by herself and shielded them from danger. It was her who had established the Phoenix Dynasty for them, and now it was also because of her that they could be reunited as husband and wife.

It was she who had travelled from the Phoenix Dynasty to the Eight Supreme Empires filled with strong exponents and fought through danger by herself to rescue Wanrong from Master Third Sun’s hands.

What right did he have to blame her? What right did he have to say that she wasn’t his daughter? And what right did he have to deny everything that she had done for the family?

Could he really deny everything his daughter had done because of the few words the man in black had said?


Even if her soul no longer belonged to his daughter, she was the second daughter that God had given to the Feng Family. God knew that his daughter was gone, so he had sent Little Jiu to them to replace Qing Ge so that she could replace her and be filial in her place to them.

Feng Jiu and Shangguan Wanrong glanced at each other, a little worried. Feng Xiao had been standing there in a daze with silent tears in his eyes as he watched Feng Jiu. The sadness made them feel somber.

“Father? What’s the matter? Do you feel unwell?” Feng Jiu asked softly, unable to hide her worry in her eyes and voice.

“Husband? What’s wrong with you?”

Shangguan Wanrong also asked worriedly. She held his hand and shook him gently until he came out of his daze: “Husband? What’s wrong with you? Talk to us! Don’t scare me.” What the hell was going on? Why did he become like that suddenly?

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