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Chapter 1663: Your daughter was dead long ago

It’s the fact that such strong exponents, whether in the Phoenix Empire or in other countries or any force in the Eight Supreme Empires, were already able to shock the region.

However, so many of these strong exponents were sent to kill only one person, Feng Jiu.

Feng Jiu’s eyes swept over those people one by one. What kind of forces did so many Celestial Strong Exponents come from? When did she provoke such a person?


One of them, a cultivator at Celestial Peak level shouted an order. Immediately, several other people attack them. Seeing this, Guan Xilin took out his big knife at once and swung it. Feng Jiu also took out her Qingfeng sword to face the enemy.

For a moment, the airflow in the air solidified because of their battle intent. The strong pressure and fierce airflow fled in all directions. Those airflows were as fierce as swords, scratching their bodies and cutting holes in their clothes.

The clang of swords colliding against swords rang out and the reek of blood spread in the air. Although Guan Xilin was not badly hurt, there were small cuts on the back of his hand and cheeks that oozed out blood.

Several Celestial Strong Exponents joined hands. Their main target of attacks was Feng Jiu. Even if she possessed an outstanding strength and an amazing fighting power, she couldn’t do anything with enemies coming from all directions.


With a sound, a fierce blade intent slashed at her. Feng Jiu drew a sharp breath. She looked at the gash in her arm after being cut by the opponent’s sword and bit her teeth. Her gaze swept towards the man coldly.


Another sword attack chopped at her calf, making her stagger. Due to the injury in her calf, she stumbled forward. She blocked one person’s attack, but couldn’t stop the assaults from her left and right sides. These people were obviously capable of giving her mortal wounds, but they only slashed her hands and feet without taking her life. It made her feel that something was wrong.

“Little Jiu!”

Seeing the besieged Feng Jiu outnumbered and wounded, blood oozed through her red clothes and trickled to the ground, he was so distressed. Especially when he saw a Celestial Strong Exponent about to thrust at her shoulder with a sword from behind. He swooped in at once.


The sword penetrated from his shoulder to his back. The blood dripping sword made the person watching trembling endlessly.

“Big Brother!”

Feng Jiu felt her heart tighten. Watching him block that sword for her, she felt both hatred and helplessness at the same time. She always thought that she possessed great strength. But she only knew now after being surrounded by so many strong exponents that one powerful person would be no match for the many enemies.

At this moment, she was unreconciled and angry. She was outnumbered. She was not strong enough to protect everyone. She knew this for a long time.

However, she couldn’t advance her strength in a matter of days. Even if had the intention to improve her strength, her foundation was unstable and the opportunity was not right. Even if she had medicinal pills available, her strength cultivation couldn’t leap in a very short time.

At the same time, on the other side, Feng Xiao and the man in black fought several times. Their strength was equal. After a battle, they both suffered internal injuries.


That man in black spurted out a mouthful of blood. He sensed the fluctuation of the breath inside his body as well as the taste of blood in his mouth. With a sneer, he raised a hand to wipe the drop of blood in the corner of his mouth. When he saw Feng Xiao still wanted to fight, his lips revealed a weird smile.

“Feng Xiao, you should have no idea that your daughter was dead long ago!”

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