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Chapter 1662: Lure the tiger out of the mountains

“Hehe, Feng Xiao, you’re worthless as the Phoenix Empire’s ruler. It’s surprising that you’re such a muddle-headed person. With a person like you as the country ruler, the Phoenix Empire will eventually be annexed and destroyed by other countries.”

The man sneered. He looked at Feng Xiao with some ridicule and mockery. There was a hint of jest on his expression as if he found something interesting.

“My country is none of your business! I must catch you today and find out the person behind the attack on our Feng clan!” With a chilly tone in his voice and a stare with piercing eyes like a tiger, Feng Xiao released his mystical energy breath and stabbed his sword to the ground.

With both of his hands grasped in the air, his surging mystical energy breath condensed the airflow into his hands. The whizzing airflow wound around his fists. Following the movement inside his mind, his fists struck out fiercely.

“Take my fists! Hah!”

With a low shout, his two fists went out simultaneously. The two fists seemed to contain the weight of a thousand catty. When the fists were about to attack, the airflow around the two fists formed two gigantic fists and made a sudden attack.

The man didn’t expect Feng Xiao to make a move as soon as he finished speaking. The attack was so fierce that his fists came pouncing at him like a tiger coming down the mountain. Without being hit by Feng Xiao’s gigantic martial divine rank airflow and pressure, he had already taken a few steps back, lost his balance and almost fell to the ground.

He steadied himself at the last moment. After stabilizing his body, the man condensed the spirit energy airflow quickly. Two streams of air came with a rumbling sound and crashed together with a bang and then bounced away. As a result, the two men retreated a few meters away with blood trickled in the corners of their lips.

Feng Xiao didn’t pay attention to the fluctuation of vital energy and blood in his body. When he saw that the man in black was also injured, he wanted to pursue him. The air in the body was surging and a mystical energy breath burst out, resulting in his speed to increase again. At the next moment, he swept out like flying and swung the fists containing killing intent towards the man in black…

Meanwhile, Feng Jiu and Guan Xilin chased after the other man in black. When the man in black, who was only one person, reached the city’s outskirts, there were several other men in black waiting in the dark. These people possessed varying strengths.

Seeing those seven or eight Celestial Strong Exponents, Guan Xilin was tense. Sure enough, his intuition was right. Just now, he felt a little uneasy and imperilled. Fortunately, he followed. Otherwise, how could Little Jiu deal with the seven or eight Celestial Strong Exponents alone?

But who on earth sent these people, going to such lengths to kill her? Ordinary forces wouldn’t have so many Celestial Strong Exponents. What’s more, how did those people know that they stopped over at this place?

Those people had such power of insight, as if, their whereabouts throughout the journey, as well as their every move, were grasped by those people’s eyes from their hiding place. This awful certainty and control made him uneasy.

It seemed that this was the most unfathomable force they had encountered in a long time. They still had no idea until now who these people were.

Had Little Jiu provoked such a powerful and huge force? As far as he knew, it didn’t seem so. Then, why did these people target her again and again?

These many Celestial Strong Exponents. What a big show of hand! They were determined to kill her!

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