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Chapter 1661: Feng Jiu’s return

“Don’t blame yourselves. The most important thing is to get back home. You won’t know what to do and how to do it until you get home. Now, no matter how much you blame yourselves, it won’t help.” Shangguan Wanrong said softly. With a glance at them, she spoke again. “As soon as we return, we have to find the child first. No news is good news. So, don’t worry too much.”

Both Feng Xiao and Feng Jiu were silent. Leng Hua and others who were aboard the airship were worried.

Besides consuming a lot of spirit stones, passengers were also unable to put up with flying aboard the airship for a long time. Therefore, seeing the sky getting dark, they stopped outside a town and went to find an inn in the city to have a rest for a night and leave the next day.

After calculating the distance from this location, they should be able to reach the imperial city in two or three days based on the airship’s speed. The closer they were, the more homesick they felt and the more unwilling to see the saddening sights there.

After dinner, they sat idly for a while, chatted, and then went back to their rooms to rest. However, in the middle of the night, they suddenly heard a movement on the roof.

As soon as they heard the noise, they leapt to their feet. From the window, they raised their vital energy and jumped to the roof.

Feng Jiu saw a man in black flitting quickly on the roof. After spotting her, the man fired several arrows at her in a sneak attack and quickly fled. Seeing this, she shouted to Du Fan and others behind her. “Protect my parents!”

As soon as she shouted these words, the man had jumped several meters away. Guan Xilin, who came from behind, told them, “I’ll follow her and have a look.” He was a little worried that she went after the enemy alone.

Du Fan and others looked at each other. Returning to the inn below, they told Feng Xiao and others, “Mistress and Young Master Guan are chasing after the person. Family Head and Madam, please wait in the room.”

“Did you see the man?” Feng Xiao asked calmly. “What’s his strength like?” There were only two of them. If the enemy was too powerful, he’s afraid that…

“There’s only one opponent, there should be no problem.” Du Fan answered. Seeing Fire Phoenix took the shape of a bird, perching on Shangguan Wanrong’s shoulder, he knew that his mistress was worried and left the ancient beast to protect them.

However, after they finished talking, he suddenly saw a sword come attacking from outside. Feng Xiao immediately pulled out his sword and struck the man outside the window. Two silhouettes were fighting in the dark of the night. After a few moves, the man in black looked profoundly at Feng Xiao. With a gloomy light flashed in his eyes, the man immediately turned around and fled.

“Be on guard! Protect Madam well!”

Feng Xiao shouted and went after the man. He thought this man must have something to do with the enemy who murdered his father! Maybe he was sent by those people!

As long as he caught one, they would be able to find out the person behind the scenes! So, no matter what, he couldn’t let him run away!

Because he had the mind to catch the person, he didn’t notice the gloomy light in that man’s eyes and chased after him. However, after chasing several hundred meters, he saw the man standing in an empty alley waiting for him.

Seeing this, Feng Xiao stared at the man vigilantly and noticed that he was a Celestial Strong Exponent at the middle stage. At this moment, he was even more sure that this man must be related to the enemy who killed his father!

“Who on earth are you? Why do you act with enmity towards my Feng clan? Who gave you the order?” He asked in a calm voice with a fierce breath all over his body.

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