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Chapter 1660: A useless son

But he couldn’t show his fear nor could he be afraid because he wanted to protect his young master until he found the princess.

Little Feng Ye returned to his senses in a daze. As he sensed Sunny’s body trembled, he stretched out his hand, imitating his father and mother’s posture when they comforted him. With a gentle pat on Zhao Yang’s head, his soft and babyish voice came out gently.

“Sunny, don’t be afraid. Everything will be alright, Ye’er is with you!”

Hearing this, Zhao Yang felt warm and gradually calmed down. “I’m not afraid.”

He couldn’t afford to be afraid. If he was fearful, what would the little master do? He was younger than him, his body as soft as an infant. He had to protect him. He promised a lot of people to protect him.

And on the other side, Feng Jiu and others were supposed to go to the Xuanyuan Empire. However, after hearing the news of the Phoenix Empire’s calamity, they quickly turned back. Xuanyuan Mo Ze originally wanted to go back with them, but after receiving an urgent missive from his father the emperor, he could only return to the palace.

After about ten days’ flight, Feng Jiu and others finally entered the Phoenix Empire’s domain.

The atmosphere inside the airship was dignified. Feng Xiao reproached himself. “If only I didn’t bring Fire Phoenix away to find you. Maybe my father and the others wouldn’t have met a calamity. It’s all my fault, my fault…”

He had been blaming himself throughout the journey. He thought his father and subordinates fell into a desperate situation facing those strong exponents due to him taking Fire Phoenix away. If the ancient beast were there, no matter how bad the situation was, at least they could still be protected. But now…

His father died miserably. The Feng clan lost more than half of its Feng Guards. Each one of them died a violent death in the palace and buried inside the sea of fire. The assassins weren’t even known. He was a useless son, a useless son!

“Father, don’t blame yourself. if you want to condemn someone, it’s me. I must have sown hatred outside so that people will seek revenge in the Phoenix Empire. It must be because of me that Grandfather and others were buried in the fire. I am the one who caused all this. But, they all have passed away now while Little Feng Ye is still alive. We have to find him first.”

Feng Jiu was heart-stricken. She felt that these people might be her enemies. It’s her spreading harm to her family. The thought that because of her, her grandfather who always doted and loved her dearly was forced to die in the sea of fire, her heart was gripped into a ball. The pain made her unable to breathe.

It was as if the voice of her grandfather calling her in the past kept reverberating in her ears…

In the street, he was sitting in front of a wine shop, taking a drink with his gourd, loathing other people’s wine. That time, her face was ruined and veil covered her face. However, he could recognize her at a glance and called her Feng girl. His warmth melted her cold and indifferent heart.

It was obvious that she was just a stranger here. She and they all had no relationship. But his voice calling Feng girl, safeguarding her time and again, the selfless love and trust, let her gradually become one of the Feng family and they all became her close relatives.

She hoped to give them the best, she hoped that they would obtain happiness. But now, because of her, they were buried in the sea of fire without any bones left. When she thought of this often, it was as if someone stabbed a knife in her heart.

Who was it? Who wanted to exterminate her family? Who wanted to kill her family?

No matter who they were. She would find those who dared to touch her reverse scale, even to the ends of the earth! Only by breaking them to pieces could she vent the resentment in her heart!

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