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Chapter 1657: Which Force?

Those Feng Guards’s hearts were torn up whenever they saw someone they knew died tragically. While avoiding those people who plundered the palace, they were looking for Little Feng Ye who might be in hiding. However, they didn’t find him after scouring several palaces.

They couldn’t help thinking that a secret passage might exist somewhere inside this palace. Otherwise, there’s no way they couldn’t find the person here. But, where’s this secret passage? They only knew the one they used to come in, not knowing the other secret passages. If they searched the whole palace randomly, let alone Little Feng Ye, their lives would also be lost.

Meanwhile, the two Celestial Strong Exponents looked on as the fire engulfed the palace. Seeing the palace’s big pillars collapsed on the couple, they left with satisfaction and returned to report on their completed mission.

Therefore, they did not see that a figure in white walked out from amidst the fire and hurled the big pillars away. After checking that the couple was still breathing, he took them into a building inside the palace complex and left through a secret passage under the bed…

This night, not only the Imperial Palace was ablaze, but also the Feng Mansion was destroyed. However, Feng Mansion’s people had already fled and scattered away much earlier so there were few casualties. Even so, this incident was lamentable.

When the sky was getting brighter, a black airship flew in the sky, carrying those people away. Similar to the way it appeared in this place, the airship disappeared into the sky like a ray of light and vanished from view. Only four Celestial Strong Exponents and several Nascent Soul cultivators were left at this place, waiting for the Feng clan to return…

The Feng Guards and others searched all night, but they didn’t find Little Feng Ye’s hiding place. They rejoiced that Little Feng Ye and Zhao Yang’s bodies were not found amidst the corpses in the palace. Therefore, they were certain that the two children must have been together.

They slipped away through the secret passage. Because their enemies kept an eye on the Feng Mansion as well as the imperial palace, they couldn’t go back. Therefore, they went into hiding according to the previous discussion.

At dawn, the four Celestial Strong Exponents who stayed behind began to let out the word that if anyone dared to shelter the Feng clan’s people, they would all be punished with the extermination of their whole clan! As soon as these words came out, all the forces in the imperial city were in a state of panic.

They had no idea who these people were. Another concern was that the boundary enclosing the palace had been broken. Reportedly, nobody inside had survived. Both Feng Sanyuan and his wife were buried in the sea of fire. As for their youngest son Feng Ye, his whereabouts was unknown.

Some said they died in the chaos, some said they were buried in the fire, some said they were saved, some said they escaped…

As the days went by, inundated by all versions of stories, people in the city worried to be implicated by this matter and their family exterminated. However, they were aware that those people had scouts both inside and outside the imperial city, paying attention to whether there were any surviving Feng clan members.

Hell’s Palace’s people were the first to hear the news. They quickly reported the Phoenix Empire news and investigated those people secretly. Who attacked and destroyed the Feng clan?!

That night, because of the sudden arrival of those people, Hell’s Palace couldn’t do anything when they received the news. As for those people lurking in the imperial city, after investigating that those strong exponents were at Celestial mid-stage and above, Hell’s Palace gave an order to assassinate and substitute them.

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