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Chapter 1656: Dead or Alive?

“How did these ants cost us so much manpower? It’s enough for the two of us to destroy this place.” Two Celestial cultivators stood where Feng Sanyuan and Su Xi were a moment ago, watching the couple lay motionless on the ground after being struck flying into the flames.

“They’re bound to die after taking our slaps.” Another Celestial cultivator spoke, glancing at the two couple whose breath had become very weak. “Dealing with such people is like using a sledgehammer to crack nuts.”

They were very indignant at being ordered to wipe out these people. Since everyone else came, they had no other choice but come. So, they vented their anger and discontent on those who looked weak in their eyes.

Who made them offend people so that those people employed Celestial cultivators to take their lives? It’s impossible for them to survive!

About a hundred meters away, Old Patriarch Geng, Luo Yu and other people in the eight-people team just saw the scene. Seeing Feng Sanyuan and Su Xi were struck flying by the two Celestial Strong Exponents, they rushed into the burning palace. Their hearts sank. They wanted to rush out but Old Patriarch Geng stopped them.

“Do you want to die?”

Old Patriarch Geng’s shout pulled them back into hiding and made them all restrain their aura. “They’re Celestial Strong Exponents whose strengths far above Nascent Souls! Even if you come out, you’ll be dead before you get close to them! ”

Luo Yu’s eight-people-team clenched their fists. The veins on the back of their hands bulged. They were trying their best to restrain the killing intent in their hearts. For fear of being found, they let the other Feng Guards stay in the secret tunnel with only the eight of them followed Old Patriarch Geng out.

However, they didn’t expect that before long, they saw that the father of the reigning emperor and his wife were struck flying by the two Celestial Strong Exponents and fell into the fire. Watching the scene while being unable to help, anger and killing intent occupied their hearts.

“Are we just going to watch them die in the fire?” One of them asked, his voice was filled with unwillingness.

“Those people are Celestial Strong Exponents. Look at them injured like that, struck from behind with a slap. I’m afraid, that slap will crush their five viscera. They won’t be alive!”

“What will happen if you turn up? You can only make fearless sacrifices if you do so. Do you want to lose your lives just to bring back their bodies? Do you think you have lived long enough so that you’ll show up and let them kill you?” Old Patriarch Geng said bitterly.

The eight people gradually calmed down after listening to him and kept their unwillingness and killing intent under control.

“Search! Little Feng Ye must still be alive! He must still be somewhere in the palace!” Luo Yu unclenched his fists. He looked at several others. “Let’s search separately. We must find Little Feng Ye as soon as possible!”

“Yes!” The others responded. “Please be careful. Don’t let those people find out.”

Those eight people divided into four groups and dispersed quickly. Old Patriarch Geng also went in the other direction to search. In any case, the child must be found. Otherwise, they would let Old Patriarch Feng and his wife down.

However, when they stepped outside and saw dead bodies everywhere, their hearts shook. How many people had died?

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