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Chapter 1639: Saluting the two

Hearing this, Guan Xilin nodded with a smile, “It’s great that he’s here. Foster mother and Little Jiu can rest assured.” After some thoughts, he said, “Alright, what about this? Let’s dine out tonight. I’ll go out and reserve a restaurant. We’ll have a nice dinner tonight.”

“I’ll do it!” Leng Hua volunteered. “As you’ve just returned to rest at home, you can meet Family Head later.” Here, he used the term Family Head instead of Country Ruler. After all, this was more appropriate.

“Alright.” Guan Xilin replied, letting him leave first while telling Leng Shuang, “Little Jiu is in front. Let’s go and tell them!”

So, they walked to where Feng Jiu was.

As it was getting dark, Feng Xiao walked out of the courtyard arm in arm with Shangguan Wanrong and came to the front hall to meet Feng Jiu and others. After meeting and chatting with everyone, they went out to the restaurant in a carriage.

The restaurant that Leng Hua reserved was a business under the auspices of the Hell’s Palace. So that no one would disturb them, they took up the whole second floor. Instead of dining in the side room, they sat facing the window where they could enjoy the busy night scene on the street.

As the food and wine were gradually served, they drank wine, ate food and chatted, asking about the situation at home and the Phoenix Empire.

Feng Xiao answered all their questions, telling them that everything was well at home so that they didn’t have to worry.

“Uncle Xiao, I’d like to invite you and Aunt Rong to meet my father, the Emperor, in the palace and discuss the wedding. What do you think?” Xuanyuan Mo Ze saw the atmosphere was good, so he asked this question directly.

He thought that now that Feng Jiu’s parents had reunited, it should be time for them to get married. After all, they had known each other for several years already. Although they hadn’t been engaged for a long time, they loved each other. Since they took the pledge to be together for a lifetime, getting married early could also allow them to spend more time together.

“This is a must. You’ve been to our place and met your elders, but we haven’t paid respects to your esteemed father. Since we’re here, we naturally have to meet your father and discuss your wedding with Little Jiu.”

Feng Xiao paused a bit. Looking at Xuanyuan Mo Ze, he asked, “Will your father not object to your marriage with Little Jiu?” After all, Xuanyuan Empire had a remarkable status, far above their small Phoenix Empire. It was understandable if he didn’t like them.

“Uncle Xiao can rest assured that my father has already met Feng Jiu and is very satisfied with her. He will not obstruct this marriage.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at Feng Jiu affectionately while answering him.

Even if his father tried to stop him, he would still marry Feng Jiu. He hoped that they would meet his father, not because of anything else, but because he valued Feng Jiu so much. He hoped that their marriage would be blessed by the elders of both sides and that his family would treat her with courtesy when they got married.

“That’s fine, then.” Feng Xiao nodded.”If you have dealt with the matter here, we can set out to visit your esteemed father in two days.”

“Alright. I’ll arrange it.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze smiled. Then, he saw that his wine cup was filled to the brim by Feng Jiu.

“Well, this matter is not urgent. Today we are celebrating my father and mother’s reunion.” She took her wine cup with both hands and smiled at her parents with her eyes narrowed. “Parents, I’m saluting the two of you with this cup.”

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