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Chapter 1637: Feng Xiao and Wanrong meets

However, just when he wanted to go forward and try the man’s skill, he heard Feng Jiu’s voice at the next moment.

“Ze, my father has arrived. Look, don’t you think he’s like a different person? No wonder we haven’t heard from him.”

When he heard Feng Jiu’s words wreathed with smiles, Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s face froze at once. For a moment, his face looked a little strange, but in the blink of an eye, he returned to normal. He always had a cold face, anyway. Without paying close attention, no one would see the difference.

“Congratulations to Uncle Xiao for reaching the Martial Divine realm.” He stepped forward and offered his felicitation. His voice was as steady as usual. Nobody could hear the previous abnormality.

“Haha, long time no see. How are you recently?” Feng Xiao stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder. “Thank you very much. I know you’ve helped a lot.”

“That’s what I should do.” He smiled and told Feng Jiu, “Since Uncle Xiao is here, let’s take him to see Aunt Rong first.”

“Right, Father, Mother has waited for you for so long. If she knows you are here, she will be very happy. Let’s go. I’ll take you to see her first.” Feng Jiu held his hand and brought him inside.

Hearing this, Feng Xiao’s heart was stirred with both anticipation and tension. For a moment, his heart was beating uneasily. He was about to see Wanrong. He had forgotten her for more than ten years and let her bear everything alone. Every time he thought about this, he felt guilty.

Would she blame him? She certainly blamed him, right?

He had no idea how he followed his daughter inside, but all he knew was that along the way, someone came out to say hello to him. His head was in a muddle and all he knew was that he was nervous.

After turning a few paths and coming to a courtyard, Feng Jiu stopped and didn’t follow him inside. She told Feng Xiao, “Father, my mother is in there. Please go in!”

With this, she withdrew from there and went together with Xuanyuan Mo Ze towards the front courtyard.

Inside the courtyard, Leng Shuang saw that someone was coming and retreated silently. Although she didn’t recognize the person, seeing her Mistress didn’t come in but retreat, she was tactful and didn’t ask any questions. She then left the place quietly.

Feng Xiao stepped in. He took a light step, as if afraid of scaring her. As he walked, he looked at the elegant figure who was pruning flowers and plants in the yard.

Her exquisite and graceful posture, such as silky ink hair, simple yet elegant dress, gentle and soft aura, all of them were familiar to him and all of them made his heart throbbing. It was as if in that very moment, he returned to the time when he first met her…

Shangguan Wanrong, who had her back turned, had no idea that the person behind her was Feng Xiao. She thought that Leng Shuang stood behind her, so she said without looking back, “Leng Shuang, bring that kettle and pour some water.”

Feng Xiao halted his steps and looked around. His gaze fell on the kettle. He went to take it and handed it to her.

Shangguan Wanrong reached out for the kettle but when her sight caught the hand holding the kettle, she was stunned for a moment. She instinctively looked back and stood stock still in place.

Familiar eyebrows, familiar eyes, familiar face, familiar breath…

“Feng Xiao…”

Her lips trembled, calling out the name that had been hidden in the bottom of her heart. Feng Xiao, the person in her heart and her husband. She had been worried about him for so many years…

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