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Chapter 1630: 1630
Chapter 1630: The Wanyan Clan

“Don’t worry . There’s Fire Phoenix keeping him company . There won’t be any mishaps . ” Feng Jiu smiled lightly, holding her mother’s hand and pulled her to sit down beside the table . “Mo Ze has sent someone to search . We should have father’s news soon . ”

“Besides, we’ll wait for him here, so we won’t miss him . As soon as we get the news of his whereabouts, we can go over . ”

“I hope there’s no problem!”

Shangguan Wanrong sighed, but she was still a little worried . Because she learned from her daughter that Feng Xiao’s actual power was not very strong, if he went to a place like the Eight Supreme Empires with such a strength, she’s afraid that…

“Ghost Doctor . ” Gray Wolf came in with a smile on his face . “Master asked me to come and tell you some good news . ”

“Do you have news about my father?” Feng Jiu asked him .

“None . ”

Gray Wolf shook his head . “It’s strange . Up to now, I haven’t found your father’s track yet . I guess he might stray from the route . It may take another two days before I hear from him . The good news I come to tell you is that the person you’re looking for, Wanyan Qianhua, has news . ”

“Oh?” She looked delighted . “Where is she?”

“The Wanyan family is a hidden clan . The news and things about the Wanyan family are rarely spread outside . Our people only find out that the Wanyan family is a hidden clan and their family may be related to some forces in other places, but nothing else is known . ”

Feng Jiu nodded . “Since it’s a hidden clan, it’s not easy for people outside to find out their news . Well, that’s it! I’ll meet her later if I have a chance . ”

Originally, she wanted to take advantage of this period of time in the Eight Supreme Empires to have people look for Wanyan Qianhua, her sworn sister, but she didn’t expect that Wanyan Qianhua’s family was a hidden clan . In this case, she wouldn’t make a detailed investigation . She believed that if they were fated, she would be able to see her sworn sister sooner or later . ”

“By the way, where’s your master? Why haven’t I seen them?” Feng Jiu asked, recalling that she had never seen Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s figure these days . Where was he?

“Master has been cultivating as soon as he has time . He just advanced two days ago . Now he is studying a new set of sword techniques in the martial training ground . Would you like to go and have a look at it?” Gray Wolf couldn’t help suggesting .

Recently, because Ghost Doctor had been with her mother all the time, his master was just like an abandoned woman in her boudoir . She was either cultivating or practising his swordplay . If it were someone else, he could directly drive the person away, but this person was Ghost Doctor’s mother . No matter how dissatisfied the master was, he couldn’t open his mouth to chase the person away . Xuanyuan Mo Ze could only hold back his dissatisfaction in his heart or vent his anger on them .

Hearing this, Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed . She told her mother, “Mother, I’m going to see Mo Ze . If you feel bored, I’ll call Leng Shuang to accompany you . ”

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“It’s alright, go! You don’t have to stay here with me all day . If you have time, spend more time with Mo Ze! You’re going to get married . You used to spend your time apart from each other . Now it’s the right time to cultivate your relationship . ” She patted Feng Jiu’s hand and motioned her to go .

“Well, then I’m going . ” Feng Jiu stood up, followed Gray Wolf to go out, and asked, “Gray Wolf, how is your master’s mood today?”

Behind him, Shangguan Wanrong smiled as she listened to his daughter’s voice . She felt very content…

Soon, her daughter would get married!

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