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Published at 5th of February 2021 03:40:12 PM

Chapter 1627: 1627
Chapter 1627: Might be an opportunity

Feng Xiao who was at the corner was also being stared at by the ghosts . However, his Yang energy was too strong so that only a few of the ghosts with dense Yin energy swept forward but didn’t dare to get close .

Fire Phoenix, perching on Feng Xiao’s shoulder, released its mighty pressure . With these two factors combined, Fire Phoenix’s powerful ancient breath as well as Feng Xiao’s Yang energy, was a huge deterrence and those ghosts didn’t have the courage to step forward .

There was yet another reason . As the current ruler of the Phoenix Empire, he had an imposing air all over his body . Except for a few extremely fierce ghosts, ordinary little demons had no courage to offend him at all .

Seeing the ghosts surrounded that sleeping man, afraid to step forward, several loose cultivators on the second floor stared in amazement . “Who is that person? Those ghosts fear him . ”

Surprise flashed in that old man’s eyes as if not expecting to see such a scene . At first, the old man thought Feng Xiao’s strength was average . Now, it seemed that he underestimated him .

As those ghosts had no way to seize Feng Xiao, the loose cultivators possessed by the ghosts lifted their swords and chopped at him .

Seeing this, Fire Phoenix woke Feng Xiao up . Just right after it spoke out, Feng Xiao opened his eyes, pulled the sword at his waist and blocked the loose cultivators’ attack .



He stood up suddenly . An imposing aura coming from a Martial Sacred’s breath and mighty pressure emanated from him . It was strong and powerful, accompanied by the grandeur of a king who had been in power for a long period of time . He stared at them with the look of a predator, making people scared .

Before becoming the Phoenix Empire’s country ruler, he was the protector of the country, a general . His fighting power was amazing and his imposing aura was even more impressive . Now that his battle intent was kindled, the breath in the second floor’s air fluctuated .

When the other people saw this, their eyes contracted . Wasn’t this man a mystical energy cultivator? How could he possess such vigour?

The old man stepped back and watched silently . Looking at the current situation, it was unexpected that there was only one among all the inn’s guests .


The sharp sword chopped at people without mercy . A fierce and frightening vigour was pervasive in the air . The clang of swords, as well as the ghosts’ miserable howls, were piercing people’s ears…

A sudden gale blew and made the inn shattered to pieces . The fierce gale and the airflow brought the roof down . Several pillars supporting the inn were cut off by the swords during the battle . With a loud rumble, the whole inn instantly collapsed and turned into rubble .

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At the same moment, several figures flew out of the ruins . As they came out of the collapsed inn, they stood in midair .

When Feng Xiao, who was standing in midair, saw the scene outside the inn, his expression turned grave . As far as his eyes could see, there were only ghosts . The whole mountain was filled with an eerie atmosphere . The ghosts’ constant howls were very terrifying .

“It’s really the land of ghosts…” He whispered with a frown . He had no intention of getting involved in these things, but the current situation seemed to be beyond his control .

“Now that we’re here, let’s have a shot at it! Isn’t that primordial spirit fruit a good thing? Let’s go and pick one, too . Join in the fun!” Fire Phoenix stared ahead with interest . Since they couldn’t avoid it, they might as well go with the flow and grab the fruit .

“Well, since we can’t evade it, let’s grab one, then!” He was just passing by, but he was directed to this place . Now, this danger presented an opportunity .

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