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Chapter 1626: 1626
Chapter 1626: Unexpected disaster

There were banging sounds as if invisible hands were knocking at the inn’s door . The lanterns outside were swaying in the wind . Their flames had already been blown out, leaving nothing but darkness .

The crowd inside the inn were quiet as they listened to the movements outside . Except for those who were lying on the table drunk, the others were staring outside vigilantly .

The people on the second floor acted the same as those on the first floor . However, they took comfort in having one more layer of the protective boundary .

When everyone stared out at the sight below with vigilance, Feng Xiao was still asleep in the corner of the second floor . It was normal that he couldn’t hear the eerie whistling sound of the wind because he had set up a soundproof boundary .

“Tch! What an easy-going man . ”

A loose cultivator glanced at the sleeping Feng Xiao and sneered . “He won’t have any idea how he dies . ”

The others also glanced at Feng Xiao, watching the spectacle with interest .

As the night grew deeper and closer to midnight, some of the men prepared to go out while others decided to watch . Primordial spirit fruits could be picked in the valley at the back mountain, less than a hundred meters away from this place .

Those on the first floor went together in groups . Although they knew that Yin energy was the heaviest at midnight, tonight was the time when primordial spirit fruits ripened and fell to the ground . All kinds of ghosts would contend for the fruits, not to mention them .

Even ghosts would get a hundred years of cultivation after obtaining a piece of primordial spirit fruit . If they wished for the primordial spirit fruit, they had to view with those ghosts!

The inn guests went out one by one, some in groups and some alone . Gradually, even people on the second floor also went out . Only the old man was shuttling the inn back and forth to pack things .

When he came to the second floor, he found Feng Xiao sleeping soundly in the corner . The old man smiled and sat down to one side .

At midnight, the moon was covered by a dark cloud . At this time, the inn’s door was swept open by a strong wind . The cold night wind came in accompanied by loud mournful cries . Faint white shadows also came floating in .

Tables on the first floor were destroyed and pushed aside . Countless white shadows drifted in from outside . After being jolted fiercely, several loose cultivators on the first floor who were sprawled drunk on the floor immediately stood up .


Those loose cultivators let out a burst of hearty laughter . The stream of air shook faintly from their mighty pressure . The expressions on their faces were malicious . With an abrupt swept of their gaze, their sights were directed at those remaining on the second floor .

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“It’s bad! They’re being possessed by the ghosts!”

The complexions of several of the loose cultivators on the second floor changed . Watching the possessed loose cultivators broke the boundary and tried to come up, they couldn’t help looking at the old man sitting by . “Can this boundary stop them?”

The old man stroked his beard and glanced downward . “This boundary is to block ghosts, not people . Unless something unexpected happens, the boundary will not be able to withstand the destructive attacks of those people . ”

“What? You damn old man! If it can’t withstand those attacks, how shameless you are to charge us one hundred gold coins!” A few of them shouted loudly, flustered and agitated . They carried swords in their hands, ready to fight .

However, as soon as they finished yelling, the boundary on the second floor was split open with a bang . As the possessed loose cultivators were still rushing forward, countless ghosts swept ahead of them with an intent to entrap those men…

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