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Chapter 1624: Upstairs Or Downstairs

When he heard this, Feng Xiao stared at the old man for a while and thought for a long time before he finally said: “Since that’s the case, I will stay the night.” As soon as he had spoken, he stepped inside.

He wanted to see what was so strange about this inn, whether this old man was as he said, not malicious.

Fire Phoenix who was resting on his shoulders looked around and said to Feng Xiao: “It’s not obvious during the day, but the yin energy is strong in the night.”

Feng Xiao nodded, he knew there was something strange about this place. Whether he was outside or inside the inn, he had to be extra careful. However, once he walked into the inn, he couldn’t help but be surprised.

When he looked in from the outside, he didn’t see anyone inside the inn nor did he feel any presence of breath. However, after he stepped into the inn, he realised that there was a boundary barrier surrounding the inn, the enchantment hid everything inside the inn and people on the outside were unable to see anything inside the inn, everything on the outside however, could be seen from inside the inn.

Moreover, the inn wasn’t empty. It was instead quite lively. There were groups of three or five cultivators sitting together, some drank wine, some drank tea, they chatted and laughed. The lively scene formed a strong contrast from the one outside.

When he saw so many cultivators in the inn, he had a different perception of the inn.

Though the inn was strange, many cultivators still went inside, and from the looks of it, nothing had happened.

The moment Feng Xiao had stepped into the inn, the cultivators stopped talking and looked over. Once they had finished sizing up Feng Xiao, they looked away.

“He’s just a Mystical Cultivator, I wondered who had come in!”

“I wonder where the Mystical Cultivator came from, he actually dared to walk on this path.”

“He seems quite courageous, otherwise he wouldn’t have dared to enter this inn.”

“Haha, that’s true!”

Those people talking didn’t lower their voices even though Feng Xiao was present, they turned their backs to Feng Xiao to discuss him, obviously they didn’t think very much of him.

Compared to Spirit Cultivators, Mystical Cultivator would always be looked down upon. The only way people would look upon you with difference is if you had strong combat power.

Feng Xiao didn’t pay much attention to the cultivators’ discussion about him. Instead, he glanced around the inn and though there were two storeys in the inn, it didn’t appear to have suite rooms.

Whether it was the first floor or the second floor, everyone was sat at a table, even those who had closed their eyes for a rest were just leaning against the wall. So, he looked at the old man and asked: “Are there no suite rooms here?”

“Suite rooms?” The old man was startled, and then he laughed: “No, I can only provide a place for you to spend the night, not a place for you to sleep.” Saying that, he walked over to the counter and said to Feng Xiao: “Let’s settle the payment for your overnight stay! Fifty gold coins on the first floor and one hundred gold coins on the second floor. Which floor do you want?”

When he heard this, Feng Xiao looked up and down and asked: “Is there a difference?” There was no bed to rest on either floor, so why was the price different?

“Hehe, yes, of course there is a difference.” The old man smiled and looked at Feng Xiao: “It looks like you really don’t know anything at all. In that case, let me advise you, with your cultivation level, you should stay on the second floor.”

Feng Xiao didn’t lack money, so when he heard what the innkeeper said, he handed over one hundred gold coins. The old man led the way and when he walked up to the second floor, he realised that there was also a boundary barrier on the second floor. It was a defensive enchantment and it was a much stronger barrier than the one on the first floor.

When he felt the strangeness inside, he frowned.

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