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Chapter 1620: 1620
Chapter 1620: Seductive

Without saying a word, the girl had snatched the hair accessory from Feng Jiu’s hand and asked: “This set of jewellery is very pretty, how much is it?”

Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and glanced at the girl without saying a word . The girl was tall and beautifully dressed . She was about sixteen or seventeen years old and was quite good looking . However, her manners were lacking .

Perhaps it was because she felt someone staring at her, hence, she looked up impatiently . However, when her eyes met Feng Jiu’s, she blushed immediately and quickly lowered her head, and even placed the hair accessory into Feng Jiu’s hand .

“Young Master, you can look at it first!” Her voice changed tune instantly and she became affectionate and shy .

The corners of Feng Jiu’s mouth curled and a glint flashed across her eyes: “Young Miss would like to buy jewellery too?”

When Shangguan Wanrong watched her daughter taking liberties with this young lady, she couldn’t help but shook her head secretly, however, her eyes couldn’t hide her affectionate gaze of dote .

This child was so eccentric and full of tricks . There were many times where one just didn’t know what she would do next .

“Yes . ” The young lady appeared nervous as she hadn’t expected the boy in red would talk to her .

For no other reason that the fact that the young boy in front of her was so handsome that she couldn’t take her eyes away from him . His exquisite facial features and charming smile were lethal to women . Such a person would not be found anywhere in the whole city, so she was sure that he was from outside of the city .

If he was from this city, there was no way she didn’t know .

“I think this set of jewellery is more magnificent, and it can better bring out the luxurious magnanimity of the girl . ” Feng Jiu pointed to a set of jewellery in the cabinet studded with red gems and said .

Upon hearing those words, the woman who was standing next to the cabinet quickly took out the set of jewellery and placed it in front of the girl dressed in beautiful clothes and said: “Young Miss, please take a look . ”

“Young Miss has a magnanimous temperament . I think that this set of jewellery is worthy of a girl like you . ” Feng Jiu picked two more sets and took one of the hair accessories for the girl to place against her hair . She also told the shop assistant to fetch a mirror and said: “Young Miss, look . ”

When she saw that the young boy had leaned forward, the girl’s heart thumped in nervousness and the apples of her cheeks reddened even more . The young girl noticed the woman in white clothes who was sitting quietly and couldn’t help but asked: “Who is she?”

The woman appeared to be older than them, maybe she was in her twenties? However, even she couldn’t compare with the woman’s beautiful face and gentle temperament .

As for the black-clothed woman who was standing behind them, she was probably their maid . Although she appeared cold, she was also beautiful, but at a glance, it was obvious that she didn’t belong to a noble family .

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“Oh? This is my mother . ” Feng Jiu introduced them goods-naturedly .

Upon hearing this, the young girl was surprised, but she smiled cordially quickly: “Aunty is so young, I thought you were siblings!” She must have come from a noble family, otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to maintain her looks so well .

“Wrap up this set of jewellery for me!” Feng Jiu pointed to the set of aqua blue jewellery . She then looked at the young girl next to her and asked: “Young Miss, do you like these three sets of jewellery?”

Upon hearing this, the young girl was overjoyed as she thought that he was going to buy it for her . She nodded shyly and replied: “Yes, I like them very much . ”

“Since Young Miss likes them, why don’t you wrap them up and buy them?” Feng Jiu’s lips curled, her voice was soft and deceptive like that of a fairy .

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