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Chapter 1619: 1619
Chapter 1619: Shopping Companion

It was just like the saying the eunuch was even more anxious that the Emperor .

Spit spit spit!

He was not a eunuch!

“Master, I know of a jewellery store in the city that sells many styles of jewellery . If you want to buy jewellery, we can go there . ” Leng Shuang who was next to Feng Jiu said .

“Alright, let’s go to the shop you said! Lead the way . ” Feng Jiu gestured .

“Yes . ” Leng Shuang replied and told them which way to go . After bypassing two streets and an alley, they arrived in front of the jewellery store .

“This is the place . ” Leng Shuang said as she looked at the grand store in front of them . This shop was very famous in China, not only were the jewellery pieces expensive, but apparently they had some excellent styles that were unique, even if you wore the jewellery out you wouldn’t clash with anyone .

Feng Jiu took her mother’s hand and walked inside the store together . They were greeted by a shop assistant as soon as they entered the shop .

“Please come inside . ”

The shop assistant’s face was full of smiles as he greeted them while he secretly eyed Feng Jiu and her companions up . It was because the three of them had outstanding first rate appearances, and even if you were used to seeing all kinds of upper-class patrons in a jewellery store like this, you rarely saw people like them .

“Where is your finest jewellery?” Feng Jiu asked . She glanced around inside and saw that there were quite a lot of people . However, the store was split into two levels, surely they wouldn’t put all their jewellery on the first floor?

“Please come this way with me . ” The shop assistant led the way and brought the three of them round the back and up to the second floor .

When they arrived upstairs, the three of them saw that other than jewellery, there were also magical artifacts and extremely exquisite magical artifacts which could be used for self-defence as well as decoration . There were fewer people on this floor than there were on the first floor, there were only about seven or eight people browsing on this floor .

“Please, take a seat here . ” After the shop assistant offered them chairs to sit on, he retreated and the staff on the second floor took over from him .

“What kind of jewellery are the two of you looking for? Is it hair accessories or something else? I can make some recommendations . ”

The person in front of them was a beautiful woman in her twenties wearing the uniform of the jewellery store on the second floor . What surprised Feng Jiu was that the women on this floor who were receiving patrons all had a good cultivation level . Also, besides the people who were on this floor, there were also a few pairs of eyes keeping an eye on things secretly .

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After all, it wasn’t just jewellery on this floor, there were also all sorts of magical artifacts, and its value was by no means comparable to the things on the first floor .

“We will have a look at everything!” Feng Jiu said, as her eyes swept to the cabinet in front of her . Her gaze fell on one of the sets of jewellery and she pointed to that set and said: “This one, let me take a look . ”

“Sure, please wait a moment . ”

The woman took the set of jewellery out of the cabinet with great care and placed it carefully on a piece of black cloth on top of the cabinet . She said: “Dear customer, please take a look . This has just arrived recently and was made by craftsmen… . ”

As the woman gave her recommendations, Feng Jiu took the set of jewellery and placed it against her mother . Because this set of jewellery was an aqua blue colour, it matched her gentle temperament, especially when the hairpin was pinned in her hair, her gentle temperament exuded even more .

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The more she looked at it, the more satisfied she became . She was just about to say that she was going to buy this set of jewellery when a pair of hands stretched out at the same moment…

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