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Chapter 1607: Chapter 1607 - The things she didn’t know about
Chapter 1607: The things she didn’t know about

If he was able to obtain a pill that could help him to advance, as long as his strength rose up, he would have a chance to compete for the position of his family’s junior head!

Just as he was contemplating this matter, he heard the voices of the people around him .

“It’s said that the command token came from a closed auction . Because the quantity is limited, no one will take it for sale . It’s usually kept in one’s own hands . Moreover, there are very few people who can get it . My father took a lot of effort to get the two tokens he got . Unfortunately, the two tokens were also taken back after he bought the pills . ”

“In a place like this, don’t say that the Zhao family head doesn’t dare to provoke . Even the large families in our city won’t dare to provoke them easily . ” A man murmured . He really did not expect that such a humble shop contained such a force .

In the pharmacy, Du Fan brought Guan Xilin inside to have a chat for a while . When he learned that Guan Xilin had met his master, Du Fan told him with a smile, “In that case, I’ll take you back to see Madam first!”

“Alright, I’m here to see my foster mother . By the way, I’ll tell her not to worry about Little Jiu . I’ll stay here until she comes back . ” Guan Xilin spoke as he stood up and walked out with him .

Du Fan asked him to wait for a while . After giving instructions to the pharmacy’s staff, he took Guan Xilin out of the pharmacy and went to the courtyard where they lived .

In the courtyard, Leng Shuang attended Shangguan Wanrong personally . In addition to taking care of the family affairs, Leng Hua occasionally went to the drugstore with Du Fan . Because their mistress had been away for many days, they always felt lonely without her .

“Madam, it’s getting colder . Please put on your cloak . ” Leng Shuang was worried that Shangguan Wanrong would catch a cold, so she took a cape and helped drape it on Shangguan Wanrong’s body .

Shangguan Wanrong pulled down her cloak and gave Leng Shuang a gentle smile . “Leng Shuang, sit down and have a chat with me . ”

Leng Shuang complied and sat next to her . Since she was not good at talking, she didn’t know what kind of topic to chat with her . “Madam, what would you like to talk about?”

“Let’s talk about Little Jiu! Tell me, how you two siblings meet her?” She spoke with a smile while looking at Leng Shuang expectantly .

It’s a pity that she didn’t accompany her daughter in her growing up years . She could only learn from the people around her daughter and the daughter herself about what had happened to her and what she had done over the years .

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Leng Shuang thought about it and then told her carefully how they followed their mistress . However, one thing led to another . When she finished one story, she found that Madam would ask: and then?

So, for an hour or two, she was talking and Madam was listening . They were not chatting at all .

She was really not good with words . So, Madam asked one question and she answered it . When she told her that her mistress had been replaced and that her face had been ruined and she could not return home, she stopped talking after seeing Madam’s eyes were slightly red and started to cry .

“Madam, it’s already in the past . Please don’t be sad . ” She comforted her clumsily .

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Shangguan Wanrong shook her head and wiped her tears . In a choked voice she said, “Little Jiu, this child, only told me good and happy things . When I listen to you today, I just know that she had suffered so many hardships and experienced so much pain . ”

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