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Chapter 1601: 1601
Chapter 1601: Bidding farewell to Sky Mountain

After seeing her wave at them and turn to leave, leaving them out in the cold, Xuanyuan Mo Ze pursed her lips and told Mo Chen, “Our game of chess is not finished yet . ” Then, he turned around and left .

Mo Chen smiled and went back to play chess with him .

However, in the next few days, Feng Jiu seemed to be addicted to refining pills . She would refine pills as long as she had time . She refined a lot of pills in the space of a few days . One day, Xuanyuan Mo Ze came to her place after hearing the tribulation lightning .

“Hahaha, it’s the medicinal pills above the fifth rank again . Ghost Doctor, you’re amazing!” Gray Wolf laughed boisterously and looked excitedly at Feng Jiu who stood in front of the pill furnace .

In the past few days, almost all the pills refined by Ghost Doctor were above the fifth rank . Although there were only two or three pills in each batch, each one was of the best quality . He was very excited to see those pills .

Any one of these pills had to be sold at a sky-high price outside . People would engage in a cutthroat competition to obtain one of the pills . However, she only took a few days to refine dozens of pills . The number of pills she churned out so casually truly made him feel incredulous .

“It should be enough . ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze came over and saw Feng Jiu examining the pills .

“Why are you here?” Feng Jiu looked up, asking him with a smile . He had been playing chess with Mo Chen these days . It’s still early . Why did he come here?

“We’ve been here for a few days . It’s time to leave . ” He spoke, gazing at her luminous and smiling eyes deeply .

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“Mm, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about! I almost used up all the spirit herbs in my space . There is no point in staying here . Let’s go down the mountain today . ” She said with a smile . After putting away the pill furnace, she came to his side .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze smiled . “Mm-hmm . We’ll go down the mountain today, then . ”

“Let’s tell Mo Chen later . His master is also here . We’ve been inconveniencing them these few days . ”

“His master is in seclusion . Don’t worry about him . Just tell that pretty boy . ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at Mo Chen who was coming their way .

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But Mo Chen, who walked slowly towards them, heard the words ‘pretty boy’ and couldn’t help shaking his head . He was very helpless because he felt Xuanyuan Mo Ze seemed to have some hostility towards him . This hostility should be related to Feng Jiu!

“You’re leaving?” He came and asked them gently .

Seeing him coming, Feng Jiu said with a smile, “You came just in time . We just talked about letting you know that we’re going down the mountain today . We’ve inconvenienced you here these days . Please thank your master for me . Thank him for the Ice Core White Lotus Jade . ”

“Alright, I will . Since you have to leave, be careful on your way . ” He smiled at them and nodded .

So, Feng Jiu and several others simply packed up and prepared to leave . Mo Chen wanted to send them down the mountain, but Xuanyuan Mo Ze politely refused . Seeing this, Mo Chen only smiled . On the contrary, he didn’t feel any reluctance . He just watched them leave from the top of the mountain .

Looking at the group of people who were gradually moving away, his gaze turned profound . There was a faint worry in his eyes . Yes, he was worried about them . Most of the things predicted by his master couldn’t be wrong . Their road ahead was still very difficult . He had no idea whether they could stand so many hardships and ordeals…

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