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Chapter 1598: Chapter 1598 - : Predestined fates
Chapter 1598: Predestined fates

“Yes, yes, I am better . ” Gray Wolf echoed her hurriedly, grinning at Shadow One who stood aside .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze didn’t say much after that . He drew Feng Jiu in his embrace and stepped into the bamboo house . “You should be tired after travelling such a long journey . Get some rest first and then go to refine pills . ”

“Phew, I’m scared to death . Fortunately, Ghost Doctor is here . She is really the master’s nemesis . ” Gray Wolf patted his chest and exhaled, feeling that he had escaped from disaster .

Shadow One shot him a glance speechlessly . He merely stood guard at a close distance .

After leaving that side, Mo Chen came to Old Man Tianji’s house . He asked, “Master, what kind of disaster will they experience? Is there any way to resolve it?”

While making tea, Old Man Tianji motioned him to sit down . “The phoenix star originally came from outside our heavenly realm . Her family and close relatives changed due to her arrival . It’s already divined . Her appearance has already changed many people’s fate . There are causes and effects . Naturally, she has to bear the cause and effect of the cycle of heaven and earth, and her family and close relatives will also meet calamities . ”

“She will suffer death and separation, the destruction of her family . She will lose everything and start all over again, even if she has the destiny of the phoenix, but in order to become the sovereign of the world, she will have to bear and experience more than others . You should know that one who wants to wear the crown must first bear the crown . ”

Old Man Tianji sighed and sipped the tea . It was bitter in the mouth, mellow in the throat and had a sweet aftertaste…

Mo Chen’s mood turned solemn . “Master, you once said that my life and hers are joined together . You told me to guard the destined Phoenix Sovereign . How can I help her with those matters?”

Old Man Tianji shook his head . “Don’t force it, let it be! Everyone has his own destiny . There is a saying that man proposes, God disposes . It’s better to let nature take its course . ”

Mo Chen sat still . He had been with his master for many years . He naturally knew that . It seemed that he couldn’t help them . Everything depended on their luck .

In the afternoon, Feng Jiu, who had a rest, was ready to refine the medicinal pill . She took out the pill furnace from the space . In addition to the two main substances, there were other supplementary spirit herbs .

These days, she had been constantly on the move and had no time to refine medicinal pills . It’s rare to be in this beautiful and secluded Sky Mountain with no one to disturb her . She wanted to refine antidote pills for her mother and then refine some advancing potions as well as those for healing wounds .

Advancing potions needed more spirit herbs and each one was extremely precious and aged certain years . It’s impossible to refine them in a large quantity . However, she could produce more of other elixirs . After all, there were many spirit herbs in her space .

Knowing that she was going to refine medicinal pills, Xuanyuan Mo Ze didn’t disturb her . He took Shadow One to walk around and was ready to go to the old swindler’s place for tea . Only Gray Wolf was left to act as Feng Jiu’s assistant .

However, when he stepped away and was about to look for the old swindler, he saw Mo Chen, garbed in white looking ethereal, came slowly . Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s good mood was destroyed at his sight .

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What’s this pretty boy doing here?

After such a sentence crossed his mind, Xuanyuan Mo Ze walked up to him with hands clasped behind his back and asked, “Why are you here? Is something the matter?”

Mo Chen looked at him, revealing a gentle smile . “I come to see if Feng Jiu is used to living here . ”

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