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Published at 24th of January 2021 06:21:49 AM

Chapter 1597: Chapter 1597 - : Seething with jealousy

Chapter 1597: Seething with jealousy

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He took them to the bamboo house . “There are several rooms here . Please stay here first! We can only offer you this simple mountain abode . ”

“It’s fine here, thank you . ” Feng Jiu thanked him with a smile . Seeing that there were several bamboo houses here, she spoke straightforwardly . “Aren’t there only the two of you, your master and yourself, in the Sky Mountain? Why are there so many bamboo houses here?”

Mo Chen smiled gently and explained, “My master’s friends come to stay here every once in a while . These bamboo houses are prepared for them . ”

She nodded and went into one of the rooms . Seeing the room fully furnished, simple yet elegant, she smiled . Looking up from below, the Sky Mountain was a snowy mountain, cold and lifeless . However, it was a different world on the top . The place where Old Man Tianji lived a secluded life was really out of the ordinary .

“You may walk about this mountain freely, but you’d better not go beyond the boundary . There are many arrays and ferocious beasts outside the boundary . If you need anything else, please come to me . ” Mo Chen told them . After taking a glimpse at Feng Jiu, he left .

“Mo Ze, have you ever thought that the more you look at Mo Chen, the more immortal he seems? Look, a figure in white treading on the snow yet leaving no trace . He really is worthy of the words ‘banished immortal’ . ” Feng Jiu stared at Mo Chen’s departing figure while sighing ruefully to Xuanyuan Mo Ze at her side as if she had no idea that his expression turned gloomy to hear her remarks .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at the departing figure . “An immortal? I don’t think so . He’s just a pretty boy . ” After dropping this sentence, he turned around and went to the bamboo house .

Feng Jiu smiled with her eyes narrowed and told Gray Wolf behind her . “Look at your Master being jealous, isn’t it amusing?”

Gray Wolf grinned and nodded . “Indeed, Ghost Doctor . Only you can make my master jealous . I told Shadow One before that the master’s jealousy is ruining his brilliant and domineering image . He’s simply a tsundere…”

Before he finished speaking, he saw that his master who had walked into the bamboo house came out with a resentful and bitter face . Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s sharp gaze swept towards him with anger . He was so scared that he couldn’t speak any more and only showed an embarrassed smile .

“Are you idle, having lots of energy? In that case, go sweep the snow on the snowy path where we came up . Go! ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze said coldly .

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“Ah? Master, please don’t!” He collapsed . How long was that snowy path! Moreover, it’s cold and windy outside . Sweeping the snowy path was really torturous!

He looked at Feng Jiu imploringly, hoping that she could put in a good word for him .

Seeing him staring at Feng Jiu, Xuanyuan Mo Ze snorted coldly . “What are you looking at her for? Why don’t you go quickly?”

Feng Jiu laughed . She took Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s hand and burrowed her face affectionately on his arm .  “I’m going to refine two kinds of substances into a medicinal pill . Let Gray Wolf stay to give me a hand!”

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Looking at the little woman snuggling to him with a fawning look, Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s face relaxed and his voice softened a bit . “Isn’t there still Shadow One?”

“Gray Wolf has helped me before . He’s better . ” She answered him with a smile and gave Gray Wolf a wink .

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