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Chapter 1588: Chapter 1588 - Sorrowful
Chapter 1588: Sorrowful

At that point, there wasn’t much time to react, so when he saw his younger niece had pushed the doped teacup towards his older niece, he couldn’t help it but walked out .

“What are you doing?” His voice was low and his question aimed at his younger niece . At the same time, he raised his hand and gestured to his older niece who was about to drink the tea to wait .

When Duan Linlin saw him, there was panic in her eyes . She stood up guiltily and called out in a panic: “Second Uncle, you, why are you here?”

“I’m asking you, what are you doing?” Duan Mubai stared at her and asked sharply .

“I, I came to have tea and chat with my elder sister . ” She lowered her head, not daring to look at him, and her voice became softer .

At this time, Duan Yingying, who was sitting down, had stood up . She smiled softly at Duan Mubai and spread out a piece of paper with two words written on it, Second Uncle .

Duan Mubai’s expression softened slightly towards her and he nodded at her . He stepped forward and picked up the teacup in front of his older niece and smelt the contents . At this, his expression changed drastically . His eyes were piercing as he shouted at his younger niece: “Do you need to add Sorrowful Ghost if you are just chatting and drinking tea with your elder sister? You are so vicious! You actually want to use such a vicious poison to disfigure your sister! How could our Duan Family have such a vicious child like you!”

He scolded her and called her vicious three times in a row with a sharp and angry voice . He never thought that this niece of his would be so vicious to use such a vicious poison like Sorrowful Ghost to disfigure her twin sister . How could she have such a vicious mind at such a young age?

On the side, Duan Yingying’s smile stiffened when she heard her second uncle’s words . Her body also stiffened and she felt like her heart had been plunged into the ice cellar, her whole body was cold .

Today, her younger sister had come to look for her and said that she wanted to chat to her . She kept talking and it made her happy . She just did not expect that she had come to give her poison to disfigure her looks .

Why? Why would she do this to her? Why?

She lowered her eyes, disheartened . Maybe she just should not expect any family affection at all .

“No, no, Second Uncle, I didn’t do that . ” Duan Linlin refused to admit it and shook her head .

“You didn’t? Then why don’t you drink this cup of tea now?” He took the teacup and handed it to her, and stared at her sharply .

“No, I don’t want it!” Duan Linlin pushed the teacup away and she ran outside yelling .

Duan Mubai stared at her disappearing figure and ignored her . Instead, he glanced at Duan Yingying and took the piece of paper and brush pen from her hand and wrote: “Although I don’t wish for you to know, but I do think that you need to know this . You have to be wary of your younger sister, she has a wicked heart . Don’t eat or drink anything she gives you in the future . ”

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When she read the words of concern on the piece of paper, Duan Yingying couldn’t help but cry . Even her second uncle who seldom came home cared about her . But her father and younger sister repeatedly did things that hurt her feelings . How could she continue to stay in this home?

When he saw her head bowed down in tears, desolate and sad, Duan Mubai signed and wrote on the piece of paper: “Don’t worry! I won’t let this matter go so easily . I will tell your father and he can handle it . She must be taught a lesson!”

He patted her shoulder . He had wanted to ask about Feng Jiu, but looking at the situation, he could only sigh and turn to leave .

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