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Chapter 1568: 1568

At this moment, the City Lord bowed his head and apologized like a child who had done something wrong . Feng Jiu didn’t scold him any more, but told him, “Please seal up the acupoints on your father’s body first . ”

“Yes . ” The City Lord complied and condensed the spirit energy breath on his fingers to seal up his father’s acupoints . Then, he stepped aside and waited for Feng Jiu’s next instruction .

Feng Jiu stepped forward at this time . After piercing each acupoint with a silver needle, her hand went to Old Patriarch Duan’s waist . It seemed that she was looking for something . When she felt the squirms under the skin and flesh, the silver needle between her fingers came down with a swish .

City Lord Duan didn’t dare to disturb her . His breath even quietened a bit . When he saw Feng Jiu’s silver needle come down with a swishing sound and stuck a wriggling bug as thick as a finger, he could not help but worry .

He felt that the insect nailed by the silver need wouldn’t be able to move but it was still alive . After one of the insects was successfully stuck, he could even see the trace of the other insect wriggling . Almost for an instant, the still free insect moved under the flesh and then disappeared, as if it moved away to another location .

At this time, Feng Jiu took a spirit herb with both hands, plucked its leaves and crushed them to release the juice . The medicinal juice was poured into his father’s mouth, nose and ear . Then, she injected the ice attribute contained in the two crystal beast cores into his father’s body .

In an instant, he could see his father’s body, which was originally covered with thin ice, quickly turned stiff . The blood and vital energy in the body froze and stopped circulating . In addition, the extremely cold millennium ice bed was transmitting the millennium cold air from beneath his body . For almost a split second, he sensed his father had no more breath…

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At that moment, his mind languished . He wanted to come forward and stopped it, but restrained himself forcefully .

He stood there with both hands tightly clenched into fists . He only felt a piercing cold all over his body at that moment, as if he was falling into the ice cellar . The only thing in his mind was: his father had breathed his last…

He had no idea how long time passed when he saw Feng Jiu piercing his father’s body with another silver needle . It seemed that she had caught something . At that moment, he only heard himself gulping as well as his heart beating like thunder .

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“City Lord Duan, please untie the acupoints in his whole body!” Feng Jiu’s hands were occupied, while using the spirit energy breath to melt the icy frost on Duan’s father’s body while protecting the arteries and veins in his heart .

However, after saying that, she couldn’t see City Lord Duan’s movements . So, she looked up, frowned and yelled, “City Lord Duan! Hurry up and untie your father’s acupoints!”

“Ah? Oh, yes, yes!” He suddenly returned to his senses and quickly came forward to untie the previously sealed acupoint . When he untied them, he saw that she used a sharp knife to scratch his father’s body .

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Maybe it’s because the cold air inside was too heavy and the body of the person lying on the millennium ice bed was almost frozen stiff . At the moment the knife scratched him, a tiny drop of blood oozed out . And then, he saw Feng Jiu take out a golden-coloured insect from his body with her silver needles!

Seeing this golden bug, his heart leaped fiercely . At this time, he found that although his father’s breath was very weak, he had recovered a trace of vitality…

As he watched the two golden worms being taken out and his father’s skin sewn like clothes with needles and thread, his cheeks trembled and he was unable to say a word for a long time .

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