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Chapter 1567: 1567

Feng Jiu only smiled faintly when she saw him staring at Guan Xilin . Then, she walked in together with them . City Lord Duan first took some men with him, following the people appointed by the Meng Family Head to the ice cellar . Soon after, Feng Jiu and others also went there .

Meng Family Head took a glance at Feng Jiu and told the City Lord . “If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to speak . I, surnamed Meng, won’t decline to do it as long as it’s within my abilities . ”

Hearing this, the City Lord had an even more favourable impression of the Meng clan . He nodded and answered with a smile, “Don’t worry, Big Brother Meng . I won’t hold back when the necessity arises . You have helped me a lot this time . If you need any help from me, please do not hesitate to ask . ”

“Hahaha, City Lord, you flattered me . ” Meng Family Head was very happy . He knew that after this event, the City Lord wouldn’t remain indifferent when something happened to the Meng clan . This was sufficient for him .

When she arrived at the ice cellar, Feng Jiu stopped . “City Lord, I’ll have just you come inside with me . Everyone else will stay outside . No one is allowed in until someone inside opens the door . ”

“Don’t worry! I’ll keep watch . No one will be allowed to make a mess . ” Guan Xilin laughed loudly and patted his chest, letting her feel at ease .

Feng Jiu smiled and nodded to him . It was only then that she pushed the stone door open and entered the ice cellar with the City Lord . As soon as they went in, the cold air hit them on the face . The chill permeated their bodies quickly as if all the pores in their bodies were open .

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Feeling the intense cold inside, she immediately lifted her inner breath and let the spirit energy breath circulated through her blood arteries and veins . After a while, her body became warm .

City Lord Duan also used his spirit energy to protect his body . He looked at Feng Jiu and asked, “Young Master Feng, is there anything I can do?”

“Take off your father’s coat . ” Feng Jiu answered, glancing at the table placed on one side . She asked them to put the table inside so that it’s convenient for her to put things .

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“Yes . ”

City Lord Duan personally took his unconscious father’s coat off . After all, no one else here could do it for him . However, the closer he got to the millennium ice bed, the more penetrating the cold air was . When he saw his father lying supine on the ice bed with a bare upper body and had a thin layer of ice forming on top of his face, City Lord Duan became even more worried .

In such a cold place, his father didn’t have the spirit energy to protect his body . Could he endure it? What if his father froze, resulting in an ailment? Having this thought in his mind, he inquired anxiously . “Young Master Feng, my father doesn’t have spirit energy to protect his body . Is it really alright for him to lie down on the millennium ice bed?”

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Feng Jiu made a slight frown and cast a glance at him . “City Lord Duan, since you have entrusted your father to me for treatment, don’t question my method . Besides, I still haven’t started yet . Once this starts, please don’t speak and make any noise to disturb me . ”

While saying this, Feng Jiu took a knife and wiped it . She looked at him and explained, “In fact, I can do this treatment alone . I let you in so that you can watch with your own eyes how I help cure your father . But, if you disturb me half-way, resulting in the treatment’s failure, your father’s life may be destroyed . ”

City Lord Duan’s expression changed . Although Feng Jiu sounded very impolite, he knew that she was telling the truth . So, he apologized to her . “Young Master Feng, I’m really sorry . You can rest assured that I won’t do it again . ”

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