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Chapter 1566: 1566

Duan Yingying’s lips moved tensely, then opened her mouth to call out cautiously . “Feng, Feng Jiu?”Even though the voice coming out from her mouth was hoarse and not pleasing to the ear, it still brought tears to her eyes .

“I, I can speak? I, I can produce sounds…” She held Feng Jiu’s hands tightly with both hands . Her voice was trembling as she spoke . At this time, her mood was filled with irrepressible excitement and joy .

Guan Xilin laughed loudly . “It’s nothing . If Little Jiu says she can cure you, she will certainly be able to cure you . ” He had great faith in his sister’s medical skills . She could certainly cure all diseases in the world that no one else could cure .

Feng Jiu smiled . “Because you haven’t spoken for so long, it’s possible to have some hoarseness in your vocal folds . But, don’t worry, it’s alright to eat more moistening food . Your voice will recover slowly . ”

Duan Yingying nodded . Even though she couldn’t hear very clearly, with roaring in her ears, it was something that she did not dare to expect .

“Remember, don’t talk in front of people . Slowly, you can eat something to nourish yin deficiency and moisten dryness . Here is a bottle of liquid medicine . Take it three times a day . ” She took out a bottle of liquid medicine for her and told her, “We expect to be back in the evening . You needn’t wait . ”

After that, she went out with Guan Xilin . Today, she had to go out to treat Old Patriarch Duan in that other clan’s ice cellar .

When they reached the front courtyard, Duan Family Head, who had been waiting for a long time, hurried forward with a sigh of relief when he saw Feng Jiu coming . “Young Master Feng, we’re ready and all set to go . ”

“Mm . ” Feng Jiu nodded . She went out with him, got into the carriage prepared outside, and went to that clan together .

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At the Meng family, Meng Family Head was waiting outside the mansion because he knew they would come today . When he saw the carriage coming slowly, he swept a glance towards the front and his gaze landed at the back of the carriage .

The one sitting there should be the young man in red who had two saint rank alchemist badges, right?

The carriage in front of him stopped . City Lord Duan came down first and cupped his fists with a smile . “Big Brother Meng, I’m sorry to bother you today . ”

“You’re too kind . ” He returned the salute with his cupped fists and answered with a smile . “The ice bed is ready . It’s just waiting for the City Lord to come . ”

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So, after the two were exchanging pleasantries, City Lord Duan asked people to take his unconscious father to the Meng clan’s ice cellar . At the last carriage, Guan Xilin raised the curtain and took the lead to come down from the carriage followed by the dazzling Feng Jiu dressed in red .

Although he knew that the person was a young man, Meng Family Head was still surprised to see the handsome man that didn’t look over twenty-years-old .  He’s really young .

“You must be Young Master Feng . ” Meng Family Head cupped his fists and smiled . “It’s indeed better to meet the person than to hear about his fame!”

Feng Jiu looked at the man in front of her and nodded at him . “Meng Family Head . ” City Lord Duan had mentioned the man to her .

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“Young Master Feng, please come in . ” He made an inviting gesture and asked her to enter . At this time, he noticed the man in a black suit who followed him . He was surprised and looked at him surreptitiously .

Who was this man? How could he come with them? Could he be Young Master Feng’s guard? However, from the strong component’s imposing manner, it didn’t seem to be quite like it .

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