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Published at 16th of December 2020 06:53:56 AM

Chapter 1555: Chapter 1555 - I’m Looking For Someone

“I’m looking for someone . ” He glanced at the two guards and said: “Go in and pass along the message that I am the elder brother of the young master in red . ”Upon hearing this, the two guards looked at each other and one of them went inside quickly .

“The elder brother of the Young Master in red?” City Lord Duan asked when he heard the message and told them to invite the man inside . When he saw the man dressed in black with a strong imposing build, his eyes condensed .

When he saw this strong man, he felt a strong sense of blood coming out of his nose . When he looked at the man again, he felt the man was very imposing and his steps were steady, his body tall and agile, and he was scathing with anger . It gave one a very unpleasant feeling .

He stared at the man with suspicion in his heart . Young Master Feng was slender and carried the extravagance of a rich handsome young man, he was dressed in dazzling red and was enchanting, it was unforgettable at first sight .

As for the person before him, he was dressed in black clothes, waist strong as a bear and back agile as a tiger with a majestic force, his face unshaven with his big burly beard, his muscular body full of explosive power . Though his pace was calm and restrained, it felt like he had extremely strong combat power . No matter how you looked at him, there was no similarity between him and the enchanting face of the Young Master Feng .

How could two such people be brothers?

“May I know what your name is sir?” City Lord Duan asked after sizing him up .

“My name is Guan Xilin . ” He sat down and put his broadsword aside then took a sip of tea he was offered to moisten his throat . He then asked: “City Lord Duan, where is my younger brother now?

When City Lord Duan heard this, his eyes moved slightly and he asked: “Your surname is Guan?”

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Upon hearing this, Guan Xilin knew he had misunderstood, so he laughed loudly and said: “We are sworn brothers, that’s why our surnames are not the same . City Lord Duan, you don’t have to worry, I won’t just call him my brother . ”

“Oh? Then what’s your younger brother’s surname?” He asked again .

Upon hearing this, Guan Xilin glanced at him and said with a meaningful smile: “His surname is Feng and some people know him as the Ghost Doctor . If City Lord Duan doesn’t believe me you can ask him to come and see me . You will know I am not lying . ”

When City Lord Duan heard this, he was about seventy percent convinced and his attitude towards him warmed immediately: “I see, forgive me for being rude . Brother Guan, this way please, I will take you to see Young Master Feng . ”

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“Thank you . ” Guan Xilin raised his broadsword and bowed politely then walked out with him .

“Family Head . ” The steward called out as he stepped forward and he then murmured a few words softly .

After he heard what the steward had said, Duan Family Head apologized to Guan Xilin: “Brother Guan, I have some matters to deal with so the steward will take you instead!”

“Of course, City Lord Duan please go ahead!” Guan Xilin replied . It didn’t matter who showed him the way as long as he got to see Feng Jiu .

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Therefore the steward brought Guan Xilin to the courtyard . When they arrived outside the courtyard, the steward was just about to speak when Guan Xilin spoke: “It’s this courtyard here? That’s fine, I can go inside by myself, you may leave!”

The steward was taken aback and hurriedly said: “Master Guan, there is a formation inside, maybe…” Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted .

“Formation? That’s alright, it gives me an opportunity to practise my skills . You go ahead! Don’t disturb us while we catch up on old times!” Guan Xilin waved his hand and stepped inside .

Upon seeing this, the steward sighed helplessly and left .

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