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Chapter 1544: Chapter 1544 - For fame and profi

Hearing this, Feng Jiu’s lips curved into a smile . “I have nothing to do but stroll down the street . Seeing so many people here, I got curious!”“This is no place for you little kids to come and play as you please . Go away!” He said, waving his hand .

“I’m almost twenty . I’m not a little kid . ” She said with a smile . It’s so awkward to be called a little kid!

“Hahaha, twenty? Do you have any idea how old I am?” The man who looked about thirty asked her .

Feng Jiu smiled and asked casually . “How old are you?” He looked like in his thirties, but his bone age was certainly more than that .

“I am one hundred and eight years old, but I don’t have a wife yet . I’m thinking that if I can make a name for myself here, I’ll ask the daughter of City Lord Duan to be my wife . That would really kill two birds with one stone!”

He looked at the City Lord’s manor with yearning in his eyes . His gaze brightened as he spoke . “It is said that City Lord Duan’s daughter is sixteen this year, yet already the city’s first beauty . She is a beauty with remarkable cultivation . ”

When she heard the man reporting his age as well as his goal and plan, Feng Jiu’s lips twitched . An old man over a century old yet dared to think of other people’s 16 years old girl? He’s remarkably thick-skinned .

Perhaps seeing Feng Jiu’s lips twitching, the man laughed out loud . “For immortal cultivators, what is one-hundred-year-old? You can find people of several hundred years old everywhere . If you can really become an immortal, is it strange to have a longevity of millions of years, similar to the heaven and earth? In comparison, isn’t my hundred years old like a teenager? ”

“Right, that makes sense . ” Feng Jiu nodded in approval .

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Immortal cultivators were not comparable to mere mortals . It’s rare to see ordinary men reached the age of sixty to seventy years old, but those years were only a blink of an eye to immortal cultivators . The higher the cultivation, the more one could maintain his peak condition, just like this centenarian alchemist with a thirtyish appearance .

In the world of immortal cultivators, many of them were old husbands and young wives . After all, if a man had prowess, would he lack pretty and alluring nubile girls?

However, the man was really thick-skinned, wanting to marry the daughter of the City Lord, the first beauty in the city .

One could tell at a glance that he had no ability . If he had the ability, he would have gone in early a long time ago . What’s the need to stand here and talk big?

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She shook her head secretly and turned to leave, but the man pulled her sleeve . Immediately, she raised her hand and brushed the man away .

The man staggered a few steps by the force and nearly fell to the ground . After regaining his feet, he felt humiliated and angry, then yelled at Feng Jiu . “You, you, you, little kid, how can you be so rude?”

Feng Jiu looked back and glanced at him, saying, “Sorry, I’m not used to people touching me . ” As she spoke, she already stepped away from the place .

The man saw Fen Jiu apologized and stopped arguing . He just shook his head while complaining, “Young people nowadays have no etiquette . ” He paid no more attention but pushed into the crowd to talk to other alchemists .

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After strolling in the street for a while, Feng Jiu went back to the inn to take a bath and then lay down early to have a rest . She got ready to take a look at the City Lord’s manor early morning tomorrow .

The night passed tranquilly . In the morning, after breakfast, she went out, still dressed in a dazzling red robe and an elegant and noble air .

When she arrived at the front of the City Lord’s manor gate again and saw the crowd, she went straight to the front .

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