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Published at 13th of December 2020 06:09:14 AM

Chapter 1543: Chapter 1543 - Being looked down upon

The young man turned back and answered with a smile, “It’s not far, just a few streets away . But it’s not easy to get into the City Lord’s manor recently . If you have no connections, I’m afraid you can’t get into the gate of the City Lord’s manor . ”Feng Jiu’s eyes moved and her eyebrows raised slightly . “Oh? What’s the reason?”

“Young Master is not a local, so you don’t know that the old City Lord caught an evil disease two or three months ago but nobody was able to cure him . Not long ago, the City Lord sent out news that he will grant anyone who can cure the old City Lord’s illness one request without any conditions . As a result, physicians and alchemists from all over the country rushed to have a try . ”

At this point, the waiter smiled . “Now, the City Lord’s manor is surrounded by people from morning to night . In addition to physicians and alchemists, there are also spectators and loose practitioners . So, it’s not so easy to enter the City Lord’s mansion because not everyone can enter it, even if they’re physicians or alchemists . ”

After drinking a cup of wine, Feng Jiu poured another cup from the wine jug . With her other hand, a gold coin flew out into the waiter’s arm . “Go on, tell me everything you know . ”

When the waiter caught the money in his palm, not a silver coin but a gold one, his eyes lit up . He told Feng Jiu everything he knew one by one . He didn’t come out of the room until a long time later .

After the meal, Feng Jiu left the inn and went for a walk . She thought of exploring the City Lord’s manor area in passing, to see whether the waiter’s story was true – that those outside the mansion were all physicians and alchemists .

Unexpectedly, there were a lot of people on the street outside the City Lord’s manor . As the waiter said, in addition to the doctors, there were alchemists with different strength levels . Among them, there were also people wearing the Pill Sun Sect’s robes .

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“It seems that the disease has not been cured yet . However, the Old City Lord is suffering from an evil disease . Even if the City Lord can grant any requests, how can it attract so many people to come here?”

She murmured with some surprise . She came because she had to have Exquisite Seven Colour Flower to make a potion . However, it was unusual to see the physicians and alchemists there, each with a badge on their chest showing their rank and identity, to crowd together and discuss in a low voice .

“Haha, it’s for fame’s sake, of course!”

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A voice came to her ears . Feng Jiu looked around and saw an over-thirty physician standing by, with an excited and expectant look . “Many people can’t cure the Old City Lord’s evil disease . Moreover, City Lord Duan has an extensive circle of friends and many of his family members have outstanding talents in various fields . Additionally, the Old City Lord has invited several famous physicians and alchemists to come to cure this evil disease . If someone can cure it, he will be famous all over the world . With such an opportunity, who wouldn’t want to give it a try?”

Feng Jiu’s gaze fell on the man’s chest badge then looked away indifferently . “There are so many people . Not everyone can see the Old City Lord, right?”

“Of course, since the Old City Lord is not in good health, he can’t meet so many people . Only ten people can go in every day, and these ten people must pass a selection test first . ”

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As he spoke, the man shot a glance at Feng Jiu . Seeing the young man in a dazzling red had no badge on his chest, he sneered . “Little kid, are you here to join in the fun?”

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