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Chapter 1533: Chapter 1533 - Don’t Acknowledge

On the other side, Du Fan who had left the Black Market was following behind Feng Jiu . He glanced around them and said in a low voice: “Master, the men who were following us seem to have left . ”“Yeah . ” Feng Jiu answered indifferently . Her thoughts were occupied with other matters . Now that she knew where to find the elixir herbs, she had to make the preparations to collect them . But as for Ze…

She didn’t know how long he would be gone for . If he wasn’t going to return shortly, she would have to go by herself first .

“Du Fan, how far is Shun Yan City from here?” She turned her head slightly and asked .

Du Fan thought for a while when he heard her question before he answered: “The return journey will take half a month’s time . Even if you travel by flying sword, the quickest you can make the journey is eight to nine days . ”

He paused, then continued speaking: “Shun Yan City is considered quite close to here . If you want to go to Sky Mountain, the return journey will take one to two months . Sky Mountain is the territory of the Old Man Tianji . It is said to be covered in snow and ice all year round and there are many poisonous beasts and snakes . Even the Celestial Strong Exponents cannot enter without permission . ”

“There is another saying, it is said that the Old Man Tianji is proficient in the art of divination and he can glimpse into the secrets of Heaven . He laid down layers of barriers in the sky to prevent the world from stepping in and disturbing him from meditating . I’m afraid it’s not that easy to go up there . ”

Feng Jiu listened quietly as she walked along unhurriedly . On their way back, they passed a shop that sold cakes and they went inside to purchase some cakes to take home with them .

Once she was back in the courtyard,  she brought the cakes into the bedroom in the inner courtyard: “Mother,  I’m home . Look, I’ve even brought freshly baked cakes for you . ”

Shangguan Wanrong sat up in bed and watched Feng Jiu dressed in men’s clothing walk over . When she approached, she took her hand and indicated for her to sit on the bed: “You’re back so soon? Have you settled all your affairs?”

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“I went to the Black Market . I wanted to pay the Black Market Chief a visit but he wasn’t in . I stayed for a while and enquired about the two elixir medicines, then on my way home I bought some cakes . ”

She opened the box of freshly baked cakes and took one out: “Try it . ”

Upon seeing this, Shangguan Wanrong smiled and stretched out her hand to take the cake . She took a small bite . The light and crispy cake was fragrant and even though she was still recovering from her injuries, she found them delicious .

“It’s delicious, crispy and fragrant . ”

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“I followed the fragrance of the cakes along the streets to the cake shop . ” Her eyes crinkled up as she smiled as she took a piece of cake to eat as she continued talking: “Mother, I have asked the people in the Black Market to deliver a letter to Father so that he won’t be anxious with worry . ”

“You have asked someone to send a letter back?” Shangguan Wanrong was startled and asked hesitantly: “Won’t that make your Father worry?”

She smiled and waved her hand: “No, don’t worry . I told him that you are fine and we will go back once affairs on our side are handled . Father is safe and sound acting as the Country Ruler of our Phoenix Dynasty . Our relationships with the neighbouring countries are very good . ”

“That’s good . ” She relaxed when she heard this and smiled and nodded .

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As Feng Jiu ate the cakes,     she raised her eyes and glanced at her: “But Mother,    I am sure that once you return to Phoenix Dynasty and are reunited with Father,   the Shangguan Family will come looking for you . Previously,  when they found out my identity as the Ghost Doctor, they wanted to get on good terms with me! I just ignored them . ”

When she heard this, Shangguan Wanrong’s face sank: “You don’t have to acknowledge them, I don’t have such relatives!”

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