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Chapter 1531: Chapter 1531 - Inopportune Arrival

When he saw that his Master hadn’t said much, Du Fan followed her quietly and pretended that he was unaware they were being followed . Behind them, Master Ni who was in the shop earlier had walked out from the corner of the street with his two servants . Master Ni who was ahead looked at the dazzling red figure in front of him and thought to himself .

He had once ordered his men to investigate the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor but he hadn’t yet received any information . However, he couldn’t resist and not follow the young boy in red who had just left the drugstore .

There was a person following the enchanting red-clothed boy who had come out of the drugstore . It was the other manager of the drugstore, Manager Du . He could order Manager Du to follow him and Manager Leng to treat him politely, who could the boy in red be?

Could he be related to the Ghost Doctor?

At this point in time,  his conjecture was that the boy in red was the Ghost Doctor’s disciple or something . He never thought that the young boy in red could be the Ghost Doctor . After all,  the boy in red was too young . Anyone who could refine such medicines had to be older,  even if he wasn’t an old man, he wouldn’t be a teenager .

They followed them all the way and watched the young boy as he walked at a leisurely pace and looked at gadgets on the street stalls . He was acting no different to a noble son who had sneaked out of the house to play .

It was only when they saw the young boy in red walking through the gate of the Black Market with Du Fan that they stopped and there was a touch of surprise in their eyes .

They had actually entered the Black Market .

“Master, are we still following them?” One of the servants next to him asked .

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Master Ni pondered for a long time before he replied: “Forget it, he’s probably not the Ghost Doctor anyway . We better not let them discover we have been following them or we might annoy them . Let’s go!”

Soon as he had spoken, he left with his two servants . He felt that sooner or later he would have the opportunity to meet the Ghost Doctor and it didn’t have to be right there and then .

At the same time,   in the Black Market,   Feng Jiu was invited inside to sit down after she had produced her Black Market token,  while Du Fan stood respectfully behind her . Not long after, a middle-aged man walked in with a smile on his face .

“I didn’t know that Ghost Doctor was coming, my apologies for not being there to welcome you!” He bowed respectfully and glanced at Feng Jiu up and down discreetly .

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Although they had worked with the Ghost Doctor for a long time,      and the people in the Black Market knew of the Ghost Doctor,     however,    this was the first time he had met her . He looked at the Ghost Doctor who was dressed in dazzling red clothes,   and disguised in men’s clothing . Her face was handsome and outstanding,  she exuded a wicked aura all over her body and she also had a lazy and calm demeanor .  If it weren’t for the fact that he knew she was a girl, he really couldn’t have told by her disguise .

There wasn’t an ounce of a woman’s shyness on her, just manliness about her .

“It really is even better in real life,  Ghost Doctor is so charming, you really stand out!” He walked forward with a smile and introduced himself: “My surname is Shao and my name is Guangwen . I am the Manager of the Black Market . ”

After he spoke,  he went to the main seat and sat down . He asked: “I wonder, why have you come Ghost Doctor? Is something the matter?”

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“I see,  so it’s Manager Shao, pleased to meet you . ” Feng Jiu bowed respectfully and said: “I’ve been here for a while but I’ve been busy with some personal matters so I haven’t had the time to visit the Chief of the Black Market, therefore I made this trip today . ”

“I see . ” Manager Shao smiled and looked at Feng Jiu: “Actually,  my Master has known of Ghost Doctor’s arrival in our town and been paying attention to Ghost’s Doctor’s movements . However, as Ghost Doctor has paid us a visit unannounced, my Master is not home at the moment . ”

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